Why We Are The Best?

Our clinics are very well known for best infrastructure and the updated technologies provided
along with highly professional set of doctors. At ALCS, hygiene standards are also maintained
to provide a more suitable environment. You need a professional at the cost, you can afford.
India has become an ideal destination because of its affordability and comfortable experience
for international patients as well.

Below are the reasons listed that can help you understand better as to why ALCS is the best
clinic for hair transplant: –

Professional Surgeons :-
ALCS Clinic, has its team of experienced cosmetic and Hair Transplant surgeons. Head doctor
includes trained technicians who assist him. Practice since past several decades gives a
professional surgeon the knowledge and abilities to be good at what he does.
In a very short span of time, ALCS with highly qualified surgeons has been able to change the
lives of tens of thousands of individuals. The amazing outcome of the hair transplant procedure
shows the simple fact of the outstanding knowledge & abilities of the operating team.

Equipped With Best Facilities :-
ALCS employs all the new innovative techniques to increase the rate of successful results , grow the graft and decrease the damage speed.
At ALCS, recovery rooms are well managed and are super hygienic, adhering strictly to cleanliness by adopting sterilization procedure at every centre.

Graft Room Cutting is the major part of most any hair transplant centre, the area where grafts
are pulled and washed. In this procedure, grafts with follicular strands are split. These procedures are performed under magnified microscopes along with video- assistant to decrease the damage speed. Visibility of the grafts thereby decreases the damage speed. This peculiarity has let ALCS the capability for substantial decrease in damage done to graft as compared to other centre.

Rooms at ALCS are provides with flat screen televisions, en-suite bathrooms,
dining/conversation places coupled with many other comfy choices available for patients.

Affordable Hair Transplant Cost :-
At ALCS prices are affordable for the procedure done. It believes in providing quality results at
minimal rate. The number of grafts that are implanted governs the hair transplant cost per graft
billed. All sorts of discussion regarding various parameters of cost is done at the time of the consultation. We do not have any hidden fees as everything is discussed and all the expenses are billed thereafter.

How much does hair transplant cost in India?

There are a number of reasons that govern a hair transplant cost in India or any other city for it
to go up or down. If you look at these carefully before making a choice, there is a very high
possibility that you get a hair transplant cost in India can be measured carefully, considering all
the parameter given and will make you come across ALCS for low cost hair transplant.Let us
examine these parameters one by one.

The surgeon’s qualification – Like every other medical procedure, it is an extremely important
factor to choose a highly qualified doctor for your operation. Also, the qualification is found to be
directly proportional to the hair transplant cost in India. Just to save costs, beware do not end up
getting treated with less qualified doctors.
The more experience a doctor has, the more safe and easy your procedure becomes.

Aesthetics of the surgeon – The cosmetic surgeon needs to be careful about the aesthetics as
much as the procedure for performing hair transplant compared to the rest of cosmetic procedures. Hence, as the doctor’s aesthetic value and reputation increases, so does the hair
transplantation cost.

Your prescribed line of treatment – A major factor in determining how much your hair transplant
costs is the line of treatment your doctor has prescribed such as, the traditional FUT procedure
costs less as compared to the newer FUE.

Support staff – Hair transplant is an intensive surgery and takes up a lot of time. A doctor will
definitely need trained support staff during the procedure. As the number of support staff
increases, so does the cost. Try to find a surgeon, who has well trained staff and that may get
you a cheapest hair transplant cost in India.

The medical facility – Finally, the safety and hygiene standards of the medical facility determine
the cheapest hair transplant cost in India.


The reasons for which one should opt for an ALCS surgeon for hair transplantation are firstly
● The doctors are highly professional. 

● The surgeons are board certified and hence are more reliable.

● The staff at the ALCS is extremely friendly providing a positive atmosphere for the patients.

● There are no hidden costs and this makes the payment process less complex.

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