Why Should You Go With The Hair Transplant Procedure (FUT/FUE)

The increasing hair fall has caused the people to try for various remedies like natural or Ayurveda therapies, medicines, or having a hair transplant surgery. A hair transplant surgery procedure is safe and efficient. Many people got desired dense and strong hairs with the help of hair transplant.

Hair transplant procedure

The hair transplant procedure is a hassle-free treatment to get your hair repaired in a convenient manner. In this procedure, the hair follicles from another part of the body are removed and transplanted on the treated area that is the bald surface, most commonly head. But this procedure is also useful in enhancing your eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and more.

The part of the body from where hairs are removed is known as the donor site and the transplanted area as the recipient site. This procedure uses the follicles which are resistant to balding genetically.

There are two methods of the hair transplant procedure:

 Follicular unit transplantation method (FUT)
FUT is the best hair transplant procedure in which the follicles are taken from the back side of the head with the help of general anesthesia. That is the back side is the donor site and the follicles are obtained through tiny micro-blades. The procedure requires a good time to be done in the desired manner for best results. And thus some extra sittings may be needed.

 Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE)
This is also one of the helpful and best hair transplant procedure where superior quality skin strips are removed from the head’s back side which is the donor site and then transplanted on the balding or the hairless recipient area.

This treatment as compared to FUT does not take that much time for hairs to get transplanted also this procedure is cost-efficient for the patients who are willing to have a hair transplant at affordable prices.

The procedure of the hair transplant surgery

The patients should get full details from the doctor about the hair transplant surgery time,
steps, and also the risks involved. This helps them to get an idea and prepare themselves
mentally and physically towards the surgery. The steps of hair transplant surgery are as

 The first step is to mark the area to collect the hair follicles from the back of the

 The hairs in the donor area are trimmed prior to the surgery
 After trimming the hairs the next step is to apply local anesthesia for the surgery to take place
 The tissues containing hair follicles which are bald resistant are removed surgically from the donor site
 The surgeon then sutures the donor area and after ten days, the stitches are removed from the donor area.
 By using a microscope of high power the surgeon defects the tissues and then the hair grafts are prepared.
 After this, the recipient site is given general anesthesia to transplant the hair graft but no trimming of hairs is required at the recipient site.
 With tiny incisions in an irregular pattern, the follicular unit grafts are placed at the recipient site for the hairs to grow.
 In the post-surgery period the incisions heal on their own and redness also goes away with time. You can see small hairs at the recipient site.

As there are two methods of transplanting the hairs that is FUT and FUE and both have their own advantages and disadvantages but the procedure of transplantation is same for both the methods and the hair transplant procedure cost $4000 to $15000. In FUE procedure it is required sometimes to shave the full scalp area for the treatment but in FUT only the strip of hair which is to be removed is trimmed. Trimming only the required portion makes it easy for the patients to return back to their daily routine and no accouchements have to be made that you had hair transplantation.

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