Why Revisions Hair Transplant Required: The Anatomy of a Bad Hair Transplant

When there is a lot of hair loss and various medications and therapies are not working then
most of the people opt for the hair transplant surgery which gives them good hair growth
for the long run.

The surgery sometimes results in bad hair transplant due to which revision of the surgery is
required. Revision mainly refers to the correction in an imperfect hair transplant procedure
done earlier.

What causes imperfection in hair transplant surgery?

People are always looking for their hair fall treatment to be done in the best possible way
but there are reasons which cause imperfections. That is why we should always try to find
for the best hair transplant in India so that there are very fewer chances of imperfection
and more chances of better results. The following could be the reason for imperfection in
the transplant surgery:

 The look of a doll’s head where a punch grafting of yester-years is used. A large size punch is used due to which the appearance of the hair looked ugly.
 In the leading row of your hear line placing 2s or 3s
 An asymmetric or a low hairline
 The unnatural siting of the temple points
 The pitting and puckering of the hairs due to the deep placement of the graft
 The planted graft which has really poor growth of the hairs
 The hair which grows in the wrong direction mainly due to the mal-directed slits
 The FUT scar which is wide and too ugly and the native hair cannot even hide it.
 The wrong selection of the body-hair to be transplanted in the area where they do not give a natural look. For example, plantation of the beard hairs in the crown area where they usually give an unnatural look.

The hair transplant has now become too popular and due to this there are badly done
transplantation of the hairs as there are many unethical promotions. When there are so many patients all around it seems that the sense of responsibility and loyalty towards the patients has become too low as they know they can easily get a good earning through a large number of patients.

But there is some best hair loss treatment done with the help of the trained surgeons like ALCS clinic where there are very fewer chances of getting the revision of your hair transplantation.

Can revision hair transplant give you enhancing results?

The revision of the hair fall treatment always proved beneficial to the person having a hair
transplant done wrongly. The procedure starts with first removing some of the transplanted hair follicles at the time of the original surgery done. Now the next step is to replace the hair follicles removed with the new donor follicles from either the side or the back of your head. The surgeon possibly tries to give the best outcome of the revised hair transplant for natural looking hairs.

You can enhance results only when you take the help of the best hair transplant in India which could be only done by skilled doctors. The surgeon should first know what your goals towards having the revised surgery are. They address only the area which is to be treated by giving concerns to all the mistakes done in the first surgery.

The hair transplantation cost in India mainly depends upon the number of the grafts which are to be implanted or replaced in the transplantation surgery. The cost of the hair transplantation also depends upon the different clinic and the experience of the doctors. The hair transplantation in India is usually Rs25-30 per graft.

Why choose ALCS?

The ALCS clinic is known for its well-experienced surgeons who always give special concern to each of the patients no matter how long the queue is. They perform the best treatment with the latest equipment and technologies which always give natural-looking desired results to the patient.
Our surgeons are helping different patients with various problems for 15 years and with our knowledge and skills, you never get disappointed with the results and the service of our clinic as well. We have hair transplantation cost in India reasonable than other clinics and that why there are 5000+ happy patients of our clinic till today.

So with the help of ALCS, it is time to take the best hair transplantation done which need
not to be revised.

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