Who Is Deemed As Qualified To Perform Hair Transplant Surgery?

Who Is Deemed As Qualified To Perform Hair Transplant Surgery?

An excellent hair transplant requires an excellent artistic mind and an extreme cosmetic & the plastic surgery expertise and knowledge to offer the best hair transplant results, unlike almost any other cosmetic procedure. Not all doctors perform it well but any doctor can perform a hair transplant. It is important for an individual to research on the surgeon’s qualifications. One important factor to consider is to ask your surgeon about would be their level of training in the hair restoration to rule out all the possible complications and doubts.
The hair transplant Surgeons are responsible for recipient site creation (where the grafts go into), donor harvesting, closure, and hairline design. The hair restoration procedure needs all the above steps that must be performed in a scientific manner as well as in an artistic way that satisfied a patient with the best aesthetic hair regrowth. A well-qualified Doctor and well-versed surgeon is needed who have both the experience and expertise in the same field for the entire hair transplant procedure. An excellent team is also mandatory, apart from the surgeons’ qualifications.
It is mandatory that your hair transplant Doctor must be a plastic & the Cosmetic Surgeon to perform the hair transplant.

It is not preferable to receive the hair transplant procedure from a Doctor who has only MBBS, MD or just have a Dermatology specialty otherwise technically any licensed physician can do a hair transplant. It is advisable that you must take the hair restoration procedure from the best hair transplant Surgeon having both the artistic mind and the surgical skills to receive the best positive outcomes of the procedure, in order to get the best cosmetic effects.
It is very important to know about safety regarding when to transplant and when not to. A hair transplant Surgeon believes that good judgment must involve both understanding the surgical expertise (artistry and technical skills) as well as the medical aspects of hair loss (medical management, types is hair loss that you can’t operate on, etc.)
Finally, ethics is a key. Too many clinics have hard-driving salesmen who might try to push you to do a case that the surgeon might otherwise think is inappropriate or dangerous. Ethical judgment like on when not to operate is very important.
When talking with different clinics, look at the doctor’s experience, make sure you look at before and after pictures, talk with actual patients and find out about their feedback towards their past patient’s as well as the experience of the Surgeons plays a key role in choosing the best hair transplant Surgeon.
The hair transplant Doctor must have the following qualifications to perform the Hair Transplant Surgery are as follows:

1. Plastic & A Cosmetic Surgeon

To set apart a regular Surgeon or a Doctor from the performing surgeon, he must have the plastic and the cosmetic surgery degree. Any physician and MD technically can perform the procedure, but that doesn’t make them qualified. I recommend seeking out a hair specialist Doctor in Jaipur who has completed specific training in hair restoration along with the plastic & the cosmetic surgery degree. To read online testimonials and reviews from past patients and check out before-and-after photos is a good idea and should be considered.

Training & Certifications
To find a good hair transplant surgeon, there are several factors that help you:
Training – A good hair transplant surgeon should have a proper training in hair restoration by a good and experienced hair transplant surgeon or by a good center.
Certification – There is only two known hair restoration society, which contributions and membership are only participated by exceptional hair transplant surgeons:
1. ISHRS: International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery requires the proof of many successful procedures and the Surgeon must have an outstanding and certain number of years and in order to become a part of this society in the hair transplant world and must enriched the society with their valuable information, surgical knowledge, and an invention and innovation of the hair transplant World.
2. ISAPS: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A good hair transplant Surgeon must have the contributions to the ISAPS.

The other Cosmetic & Hair Restoration, plastic organization, whose membership is needed from a good hair transplant Surgeon is jotted down below:
* International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
* Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI)
* Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS)
* other is, India Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (IAPS)

Results/Experience – Knowledge with experience make a hair transplant Surgeon perfect. A good hair transplant specialist in Jaipur should also be able to show the evidence of many before and after hair transplant result.

Bedside manner – Eventually a good hair specialist doctor in Jaipur should also be able to understand you, your problem and should be able to work with you to achieve your goals and come up with a good master plan.

Practical Approach- A Cosmetic and plastic Surgeon must have the understanding to know the patient’s expectations in respect with the realistic approach to getting the goal of the procedure.

In the pre-procedure step, an evaluation is an important part to know the patient’s expectations in order to understand the practical possibility under the surgical limitations.

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