Which Country All Over The World Is Best For A Hair Transplant?

When it comes to medical tourism, every country specializes in its own unique field. Hair transplant is most popular in India due to the quality and affordable surgical procedures. Better medical service from experienced surgeons and tourism when combine together provide great adventure. For international patients, India has become an ideal destination because of its affordability and comfortable experience.

There are various other reasons why India is a great choice for the Hair Transplant surgery.

High Quality Medical Care

In most countries, hair transplant surgery is done in the clinic rooms where as in Indian clinics like ALCS perform the operation in the surgical rooms. Although hair transplant is a micro-surgery still it need to be performed according to International Standards of Medical Care. In a surgery room, any emergency can be immediately combated. Also, if the surgery conducted in a sterilized room the risk of infection is almost zero.

Variety of techniques to choose from 

Well-known as the hair transplant capital of the world, India excels in the field and never fails to impress. With advancement in technology and progress, there are many processes that have come up making the process more efficient and convenient for patients. The recent technology is known as sapphire FUE that uses sapphire to make the blades which is used in the incision making phase. The contracting properties of sapphire, sturdy and flexible blade can be shaped to have a V-shape ending as compared to U-shaped which is made of steel blades.

As per the shape of the knife, it requires less effort to penetrate the scalp as well as poses less threat to the surrounding tissue.

Moreover, the sharp tip of the knife triggers the process that makes more incisions made per session and less exposure time of grafts. All the factors when combined contribute to better results when performed with sapphire FUE than the other traditional FUE.

Hair transplant centers offer services

There are many centers providing hair transplant in India take care of the comfort of patients. There are services which include Airport pick up, 3-night hotel stay and a complementary PRP therapy that guarantees the patients to have a good stay away from home.

Furthermore, the good quality services offered at hair transplant centers in India ALCS overcome the challenges any patient could face. A complementary PRP therapy increases the success of the surgery.

Cost efficient

Whether it’s high standard of medical care, the services offered in state-of-the-art facilities or cutting-edge techniques such as sapphire FUE; everyone assumes the prices to be soaring. On the contrary, hair transplant cost in India is very affordable inclusive of services and can be easily accessible. 

Though many are drawn to the prices however few might find it to be suspicious. However, it is important to understand that an Indian citizen living in India; sometimes the prices are out of reach. There are hair transplantation clinic like ALCS that offer high-quality hair transplant at pocket-friendly prices.

Touring beautiful India

As hair transplant surgery is a fast recovery procedure, India is a good country which an individual can choose for their operation. Post-surgery patients can cover their scalp after consulting their surgeon and explore the diverse culture, beautiful places of India to make the ever-lasting memories to cherish which can never be put into words.

Bottom Line

Hair transplants in the world’s capital of hair transplants: India is an outstanding experience. Patients receive quality hair transplant services with high-quality care as the cutting-edge techniques provided in state-of-the-art facilities with a skilled and experienced surgeon and medical staff. Also, hair transplant centers in India provide services that ensure the patients have a comfortable stay-away from home.

Why Choose ALCS Clinic? 

ALCS is the one-stop destination for everyone who’s looking for cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Here are few reasons that make it the no.1 choice:  

Advanced Technology and Techniques

ALCS is equipped with high tech infrastructure and advanced technologies. Dr. Sunil Arora has pioneered in the hair transplant technique which is the most advanced hair transplant technique.

Experienced Surgeons

Dr.Sunil Arora is a well-renowned surgeon who has performed more than thousands of hair transplant surgeries on Indian and foreign patients. The surgeon has offered the best results of implanting more than 1, 25, 00,000 grafts with better hair transplant success rate. Also, the doctor and medical staff have treated many baldness cases with successful results. People from all over the world have trusted ALCS for the best Hair Transplant Surgery.

High Quality Services

ALCS is a patient-friendly clinic as they aim to provide quality healthcare services to all patients. They also provide facilities and amenities which meet the international standards.

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