When You Should Plan for A Hair Transplant

When You Should Plan for A Hair Transplant

Loss of hair, both for adults as well as teenagers, is a matter of real concern. I have gone through this concern and also made it go away. Since the day I started noticing that I have started losing hair, I tried what not to stop this, I went for home remedies and chemical products and hair loss treatment too, but sometimes it’s already too late for them to work their magic on your hair.

And as I was still very persistent about the idea of growing my hair back, hair transplant came as the last option for me to restore the full volume of hair on my head. Being having a real experience of the hair transplantation, here I will be answering some of the frequently asked questions according to what I have perceived.

At first, you should know that hair transplant is not as easy as using ointments on your hair for their growth. For me, it was a quite tedious process and so I would suggest that it should strictly be done under expert guidance as I did. There have been cases when in extreme situation, hair transplant has led to death.

As of current news in my memory, a 22-year-old boy who was a medical student from a college of Chennai died after two days of his hair transplant. The reason was the complications generated post the transplant which he has done from a local salon. So if you are ever going to opt for a hair transplant, I will suggest you take an expert’s advice and guidance before it because you would not want to die due to negligence and ignorance.

Before going to the question when you should plan for a hair treatment I would like to tell you why you should go for hair transplant in the first place. Mostly for patients who are opting for a hair transplant, the expected outcome of the surgery is achieving a head full of natural looking hair again. At least this is what I was expecting.

Though I achieved the expected result, this isn’t always is the best result for most of the people; as in many cases, when people want to restore their lost hair, it’s essential to know which hairline would be most suitable for you and think about the complete volume of your hair and also what would look the more natural on your head. One of the essential character a hair transplant result that looks natural is to have a good hairline.

Now let’s answer the question when you should plan a hair transplant procedure. So, first of all, you should know that age does not matter for a hair transplantation treatment, but of course the possible good and not so good outcomes of the hair transplant need to be carefully studied in the patients of young age.

I went through my hair transplantation surgery when I was 34. But if your age is between 20 and 30 years then you should have a steady rate of hair loss before you are considered for the hair transplantation. Also, a detailed family history can be of use in determining your hair loss and planning a new hairline for you.

Before going for the surgery, you should talk with your doctor and decide which of color you would like your hair to be. Also, you should decide the quality and density of the new hair you are receiving. You would also want to know the contrast between the new hair and your skin color.

These are important factors that will affect the result of the hair transplant. I kept very less contrast between the donor hair I was getting and my skin, after the doctor’s advice, for the better result. After the transplant, I had wavy hair which I liked a lot but I consulted my doctor for any suggestion and my doctor said that curly, frizzy, or wavy hair are advantageous features in transplanted hair.

So this was my experience after my hair transplant and I am a satisfied patient. Hopefully, it will help answer some of your questions regarding the hair transplantation surgery.


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