When To Consider Hair Transplant Surgery?

What causes excessive hair loss? It could be stress or any of the pills. Are you thinking to
have hair transplant surgery?
Put it on hold as there are many things which you need to consider and give special preference and choices. Starting from the right age to the best clinic, all small to big things should be examined properly. We will try to help you, read further and know how a hair transplant should be planned?

At what age you get your hair transplant done?

The hair transplant could be done at any age there is not a fixed age of getting your hair transplantation done but you should be not too young to go for this treatment. Also in the age of 17 to 25, it is common to have hair fall and your hairline may become higher slightly as it may be a mature hairline. The reason for excessive hair fall could be hereditary or anything at any point of age. You should take a proper consultation with the doctor for the necessity of hair
transplantation or not.

Are their possibilities of hair fall again?

Certainly yes, when the transplanted hair starts to grow in about three to four months there are possibilities of the original hair to continue to fall. If you have no idea about what causes excessive hair fall and it becomes severe then you can go for a hair transplant surgery again but only after six months. You can get your hairs fixed easily with hair transplantation and along with that, you get dense hair as well.
The excessive hair loss in women can cause them to have hair transplant surgery more than
once to get their hairs fully repaired.

Who is not a suitable candidate for hair transplant?

You can have sudden excessive hair fall due to any of the medical issue like thyroid, scalp infection, hormonal changes during pregnancy, and other reasons and you would plan to have a hair transplant. But some people may end with disappointment.

People with less hair on the back and side of their head are not a suitable candidate to have a hair transplant. It is required that the patient should have a thick hair structure at their back portion because at the time of surgery the hairs from these portions are transplanted on the treated area. The hair from other parts could not give the desired result to the patient.

When to go for a hair transplant?

The reason for excessive hair loss could be anything and you should take a decision fast to stop the hair fall by hair fall treatment. The surgery needs a good rest for a proper healing process. For at least 7-14 days you should not go on work.

Especially working men and women should not plan the transplant in busy schedules. Or if they are planning to go for a vacation after surgery on beaches or something as swimming can also cause damage to hair transplantation.

What causes excessive hair loss?

The causes of excessive hair loss in women are an intake of birth control pills, telogen effluvium, alopecia aerate, hormonal changes at menopause, and an unhealthy diet. The list of the causes is long and certain times you don’t also understand what causes excessive hair fall.

The man also suffer from heavy hair fall at early teens which may cause them to have a hair
transplant surgery and get themselves safe from male-pattern baldness. Strict measures should be taken by men as well as women at the time of excessive hair loss but remember to checklist the above points.

Why choose us?

The ALCS clinic provides various cosmetic surgery to patients willing to have a smart and attractive appearance. We have the best surgeons who are well-experienced and trained to help the patients.

For hair transplant surgery we have the latest equipment and provide FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant treatment. The hairs from the donor site are transplanted at the recipient site for the hair to grow and stand strong in the needed area. This treatment gives a naturally appearing hair transplant treatment and at the same time, it is available at affordable prices at our clinic.

Our surgeons give a special concern to what causes excessive hair loss and help different patients accordingly at the right time to reduce hair fall. Our staff is cooperative and ready to guide and support you at each stage of the hair loss treatment procedure or any other cosmetic surgery.

If you are facing hair loss, relax! We will help you with the best treatment.

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