FUT + FUE Hair Transplant – Benefits of Combination Technique

One of the most common surgical procedures undertaken to improve appearance these days is Hair
Transplant. A generally low risk method and impressive results propel the people to go ahead for
this treatment. Here we take a deeper look into this procedure by exploring whether there is only
one method of performing hair transplant or are there multiple? If more than one, which is best
suited for an individual and how the treatment can be improvised.

To begin with, let us understand that Hair Transplant Operations can actually be performed by
employing more than one techniques. Some of the common types of Hair Transplant Treatment are
Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Excision (FUE), their variations as well as
combination. So which is better and gives better results? There is no fixed answer for this.
Suppose, you decide to go in for FUE treatment in Jaipur, there is a probability, your doctor may
suggest otherwise. It is always good to understand about a particular type of procedure, but it is best
to leave the decision on the line of treatment to the doctor. Here, let us understand what these
procedures actually entail.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – This is the traditionally used method for Hair Transplant
surgeries. This procedure entails, removing a strip of tissue from your head, typically the back of the
head, where the hair growth is high. Human hair grows in follicles, which may have one, two, three
or sometimes even four hair strands. These hair follicles are then extracted by skilled technicians and
grafted onto the area under treatment. The donor area is then closed with the help of sutures that
leaves an extremely small scarring.
The biggest advantage of FUT is that a large number of grafts can be done in one go. This is
preferred by surgeons in case of very advanced stages of hair loss.

Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) – This is a relatively newer method and has numerous advantages over
the traditional FUT. The biggest difference in FUT and FUE is that in FUE every follicle is taken
directly from the scalp and grafted. This means no requirement to remove any strip of tissue and so
much faster recovery as well as no scarring.

Does that mean FUE is the end all solution for Hair Transplant and will replace FUT? Not really, like
any other medical procedure, both have their own merits and demerits. Some of the best
practitioners who had been doing FUE treatment in Jaipur have started performing a combination of
both FUT and FUE to get excellent results.

So when a doctor performing FUT or FUE transplant in Jaipur prescribes going for the combination
technique? There can be several scenarios where this may be considered advantageous, like

i) When the patient’s donor area is extremely limited for example, due to a very advanced
hair loss situation or after multiple hair transplants have already been done

ii) When an extremely large number of grafts is required to cover the area under treatment

iii) When the patient has already had a FUT and has a very bad and prominent scar due to
it. The combination technique is employed to cover up the scar as much as possible.
We have seen above, where the combination technique is better than having either the FUT or FUE
transplant done. But, why do the doctors go for a combination technique? What is its biggest

1. The most important benefit of taking the combination approach is to get a huge number of
grafts from an extremely restricted donor area.

2. Generally, if a patient goes in for either FUT or FUE transplant in Jaipur or any other city,
they may need to go for a revision treatment. But for that, they typically have to wait for
one full year between the treatments. A combination technique on the other hand, covers a
large part of the affected area, thereby reducing the need for multiple surgeries and waiting

Although greatly advantageous, the combination technique may not be the ideal fit for all patients
and all circumstances. Your doctor is the best judge as to whether you should go for a combination
treatment or one of FUT or FUE.

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