What Should You Know Before You Choose Hair Transplant

What is hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a plastic surgery carried on for people suffering from acute hair loss problems. In this procedure a dermatological surgeon transplants hair follicles from the areas of the head where the natural growth of hair exists to the areas of the head that are either balding or have very scanty hair growth.

Hair loss can be due to a variety of factors. Most common reasons are genes, illness, hormonal imbalance, and stress. Hair transplant is recommended when medication does not yield the desired result. Hair transplant is the most widely used technique to gain back the natural looking hair.

Types of hair transplant

Hair transplant surgeries are carried on using two techniques i.e. slit graft or FUT (follicular unit
transplantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction).
In slit graft technique a strip of scalp skin is removed from the donor area. Donor area is the area of head which consist of natural hair growth. Each strip consists of around 5 to 10 hair follicles. The strip is then cut into small sections and implanted on the area with scanty or no hair growth. A slit graft is obtained by a long incision (a few inches long) which needs to be stitched back. The mark of the stitch is considerably visible even after the recovery.

FUE is an advanced technique in which single hair follicle is extracted from the donor area with
the help of a 0.75 mm – 1mm needle. The extracted follicle is then transplanted to the targeted
area. FUE technique does not require any incision and thus leaves behind no scar. However,
tiny dots are visible at the points from where hair is being extracted.

Candidates for hair transplant
Hair transplant is a very good option for people facing pattern baldness. However, if the levels of baldness are too high, a transplant may not be possible. This is because there would be too less hair at the donor site.

Transplantation can also be considered for women facing acute thinning of hair that could not be controlled through medication. But, women having a widespread pattern of baldness cannot be treated by hair transplant.

Hair transplant can also prove beneficial for people who have lost some of their hair in an injury. Hair transplant is very safe, but, is not recommended for people prone to infections and for the people who tend to form thick fibrous scars after injury. In addition, hair transplant cannot help people who have lost hair due to medication or chemotherapy.

Things to consider before hair transplant

Hair transplant may help an individual to improve their appearance and gain back the confidence lost to baldness. However, for a pleasant hair transplant before and after experience, there are certain things that should be kept in mind.

1) Hair transplant is only possible for certain levels of baldness
Hair transplant is a procedure in which the hair follicles for the areas of normal hair growth are extracted and transplanted to the areas of baldness. However, if the level of baldness is very high there would be very less hair follicles at the donor site which makes it almost impossible to carry on with the transplant. Thus, a hair transplant cannot be considered for people who are almost or completely bald.

2) A good surgeon is a must for the desired outcome
Hair transplantation is a very skillful job and needs a well-trained surgeon. Experienced surgeons can guide you to the best possible ways and explain to you all the shortcomings of the procedure. To choose a good surgeon one may go through the reviews that people have provided about the surgeon. Going through hair transplant before and after photographs of the people treated by the surgeon may also help. The clinic, at which the surgeon treats, is also an important factor that describes the reputation of the surgeon. 

3) Hair transplant comes with the limitations of a surgery
Hair transplant is very safe, but, the complications related to a surgery do exist. However, the risk of infection and bleeding may be reduced by taking the necessary precautions before hair transplant.

4) Hair transplant is expensive
Hair transplant although a very successful surgery is very expensive. The cost of it ranges from
$5000 – $ 20000 depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted. However, the results are
worth the expense.

5) Hair transplant gives you natural looking hair
The color and texture of transplanted hair are the same as that of the original hair as it is extracted from the same head. Thus, hair transplant results in a very natural looking hairline.

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