VASER Lipo: Refine Your Body to Perfection Fast

VASER Lipo: Refine Your Body to Perfection Fast

How Ultrasonic Lipo Works & Its Advantages Over the Other Types of Liposuction

A newer ultrasonic lipo technique, VASER Lipo is, in fact, an ultrasound-assisted tumescent lipo surgery. One of the most effective types of liposuction, it’s also fast: you’re done in one single treatment and can see the results immediately – that’s one of the main advantages of VASER liposuction.

So if you’d like to have your body re-contoured gently and precisely – and with the smallest risks possible, then take a closer look at VASERLipo.

From all types of liposuction, this technique is the only one well-suited for smaller, as well as larger or more fibrous areas (like the love handles, bra rolls, several body areas of male patients) – and even for previously suctioned spots.

A minimally invasive technique safer and less painful than laser lipo (which destroys fat by heating the fatty tissue), VASERLipo uses low-level ultrasound to dissolve the fat before suctioning it from your body.

This technique is typically used in conjunction with tumescent lipo surgery giving you a smooth body contouring along with increased skin tightening – that’s another major advantage of VASER liposuction over the other types of cosmetic treatments.

Plus, VASERLipo recovery time is minimal: about 12 hours of rest immediately after the treatment, and another 2-3 weeks of avoiding intense physical activities.

Are you wondering…

How is this newer technique safer for you and providing a smoother result?

Well, firstly because when breaking up the fat cells, ultrasound is safer than laser, which sometimes can cause burns to the surrounding nerves, blood vessels and/or muscles.

Secondly – the main benefit of VASER ultrasound technology (which stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) over the earlier ultrasonic-assisted liposuction procedures is the use of smaller cannulas.

This allows now only for smaller incisions, but for a lower level of sound energy used – resulting in less damage to the surrounding tissues of the body.

You’re probably curious…

How Does VASER Lipo Work?

Whether you need a touch up of a previously suctioned area, a major body contouring makeover, and even a transfer of fatty tissue to another body area to make it plumper, VASER is one of the most effective types of liposuction. That’s because VASERLipo always gives you the precisely-targeted body sculpting that you want.

Here’s how VASER liposuction works

  1. First, the surgeon injects the target area(s) on your body with a tumescent fluid – a special saline solution of numbing medication and a capillary constrictor that shrinks the blood vessels in the area so the fatty tissue is better exposed.
  2. Then, the doctor inserts here small, 2-3 mm Titanium rods that deliver ultrasonic waves specifically targeted only at the fat cells, breaking them up, shaking them loose and then emulsifying the fat with the tumescent fluid previously injected.
  3. Lastly, using small cannulas this mix is suctioned out from the treated area gently, without doing any damage to the surrounding tissues.

What are Your Benefits with VASER Lipo?

As a precise technique delivering very predictable results, you can have it done in one or several areas of your body – here are some of the significant benefits you’ll experience:

  • More delicate or harder-to-fix areas of your body (your chin and neck) can be accessed easier and contoured more precisely
  • Your final liposuction result (after 3-4 months) is a better body contour and a smoother, tighter skin
  • The potential risk of general anesthesia is eliminated, since VASERLipo is done under local anesthesia, typically in your surgeon’s office
  • You can have large quantities of fat removed (up to several liters) and multiple areas treated in the same session.

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