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Tumescent liposuction is a technique that provides local anesthesia to large volumes of subcutaneous fat and thus permits liposuction. ALCS offers the best Tumescent Liposuction in Jaipur.

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    Tumescent liposuction technique is considered one of the safest and effective cosmetic surgery by most patients and plastic surgeons. It is also considered as a faster method of losing that extra fat from the body.

    The use of larger amounts of local anaesthetic not only reduces pain after surgery, but also reduces bleeding, swelling, and skin irregularities and makes the entire procedure run more smoothly.


    Tumescent liposuction surgery can significantly reduce some of the unpleasant side effects of other cosmetic surgery procedure techniques.

    Because the size of the capillaries is reduced due to anaesthetic liquid, it can significantly reduce blood loss during surgery and the pain, bruise, and swelling that occurs afterwards.

    And because tumescent liposuction provides local anaesthesia, patients can avoid the side effects of general anaesthesia, such as vomiting and nausea.


    Tumescent liposuction mostly requires local anaesthesia for sedation purpose. The tumescent fluid itself leads to a less trauma, more efficient fat elimination process.

    Here are three reasons to choose this method (assuming you are considered a good candidate for this procedure) local anaesthesia helps in Treatment of many areas.

    All the standard liposuction areas can be treated, including tummy fat, buttocks, hips or love handles, back and breasts( including male breast). Even smaller body parts and angular areas like the neck and chin can be treated.

    Easier recovery. Recovery with tumescent liposuction local anaesthesia is much faster and easier than recovering from general anaesthesia, in most tumescent liposuction surgery cases. You should be feeling normal again in just a matter of a few days.

    The tumescent fluid contains lidocaine and epinephrine. The lidocaine numbs the treatment area, and the epinephrine makes the fat cells swollen but firm, while also shrinking blood vessels.

    The firmed fat cells are more efficiently removed, and less bleeding is caused because of the effect of the epinephrine on the blood vessels.
    Cosmetic surgery treatment of any kind may not be suitable for every person. As an individual, you have your own health factors, cosmetic goals and anatomical features, and our well experienced cosmetic surgeon take all of these things into account when recommending a tumescent liposuction surgery.


    Tumescent liposuction surgery has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in recent year. Tumescent liposuction procedure has helped in the elimination of side effects that were previously risky for patients undergoing liposuction.

    It has been successful in reducing the recovery period post tumescent liposuction surgery. The tumescent liposuction procedure is similar to traditional liposuction procedures by cost and method, but with a few differences.

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    Tumescent liposuction surgery procedure and the wet and super-wet techniques are now used by surgeons in place of the dry liposuction technique.

    Dry liposuction techniques became unfavourable due to the excessive blood loss, as well as the fact that it required hospitalization.

    The super-wet technique is currently prefered more than the wet tumescent liposuction technique. Whether you choose wet, super-wet or tumescent liposuction surgery it will depend on various factors, including how many areas you wish to have treated.

    Wet liposuction Technique

    Wet liposuction refers to the use of fluid injection before tumescent liposuction surgery. To prepare for wet liposuction surgery, the surgeon injects approximately 100 ML of local anaesthesia containing epinephrine directly into the tissue.

    This results in less blood loss during the tumescent liposuction surgery procedure and reduces patient discomfort after surgery.

    Super Wet liposuction Technique

    Super-wet liposuction technique is similar to tumescent liposuction surgery, except that it uses a solution that contains fewer anaesthetia like lidocaine and epinephrine.

    Instead, intravenous sedation or general anaesthetia is used (because the area being treated does not become fully anaesthetized by the solution alone).

    Not using an injected local anaesthetia means that the doctor does not have to wait for any swelling to go down.

    The tumescent liposuction surgery usually takes no longer than two hours, and the patient can opt to have other cosmetic procedures performed while the general anaesthetic is in effect.


    Post-liposuction surgery, the body part(s) that were dealt with are wrapped firmly to decrease additional swelling, bleeding and any indications of scars.

    Now and again, uncommon supports and bolster hose or stitched are used on the treated areas for your body. The pieces of clothing/wraps will be put for half a month (here and there up until the point when a month post-operation) after your surgery.

    The scar is a little painful after liposuction surgery and it goes on for a week to 10 days for the patient. Be that as it may, you may need to manage liquid that flows outwards from the incision area.

    The flow will continue until a month post-tumescent liposuction surgery. Ordinarily, anti-toxins are given to patients to reduce the danger of diseases since the small openings, the liposuction cannula created still might be open for some time post-surgery.

    Be prepared that you will move a bit slower than you typically do. The vast majority of the tumescent liposuction patient can come back to ordinary exercises when the treatment is done, it might take a few weeks however for you to come back to your regular chores.

    Work can be resumed for a couple of days to seven days post liposuction surgery, depending on how vast the treated body area is and your opportunity off to recover may differ.

    Your plastic surgeon can better explain you to the extent and the rest period post your surgery and how it will be beneficial for you and your body.


    If you are planning to undergo tumescent liposuction surgery treatment in India. The cost of the tumescent liposuction surgery depends on whether you choose to undergo liposuction surgery in high-end hospitals or budget based clinics for liposuction surgery.

    However, the cost of the tumescent liposuction treatment is not fixed or capped it may vary from patient to patient. But you may have a rough estimated cost of the tumescent liposuction surgery if you inquire.

    And the cost of liposuction surgery will basically depend upon the amount of fat that is to be removed from the body, surgeon’s fees, the location of the clinic etc.

    Cost of liposuction treatment depends on the following factors like: 

    To give you an idea about the cost of liposuction treatment in India a comparison is made between high end and budget clinics and the results are below.

    Approximate tumescent Liposuction cost:

    High-end or luxury clinic/hospitals in India will provide you high-quality treatment with some extra facilities like Pick up and drop services depending upon the location to the clinic, usage of advanced equipment’s for the surgeries, EMI facility to pay for your treatment etc. this, however, does not guarantee the best tumescent liposuction surgery results

    Budget clinics only provide you with the surgery but have hidden costs and do not provide customer satisfaction, unlike high-end clinics.

    You need to research for the best surgeon with maximum years of experience and see if his fees fit your budget to go ahead with a tumescent liposuction surgery.


    As with any form of cosmetic or liposuction surgery, complications can occur during tumescent liposuction surgery too. Two risks that are unique to tumescent liposuction surgery procedure are lidocaine toxicity and fluid accumulation. Lidocaine toxicity occurs when the amount of lidocaine in the tumescent solution is too high, making it difficult for the body to adequately metabolize the drug. When too much solution is injected into the liposuction treatment area, it is possible for fluid to accumulate in the lungs.


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    Tumescent Liposuction Surgeon near You

    Although tumescent liposuction has made fat removal easier and less painful than ever before, it must be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon to avoid complications and achieve maximum results.

    Book a consultation with one of the best of cosmetic surgeons in Jaipur, Rajasthan Dr Sunil Arora (ALCS JAIPUR) let him know what you have in mind regarding your tumescent liposuction surgery plans, the body goals you won’t want to achieve or any other query.

    After listening to you and examining your body he may come up with the best realistic plan to move forward with your tumescent liposuction surgery procedure.

    Dr Sunil Arora has received various prestigious awards due to his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery in Rajasthan.

    He was felicitated recently with  “Visionaries of Rajasthan“ award, by India Today Group on 27th May 2016 for his Excellency.

    Contact ALCS, Jaipur now to get beautiful, curvaceous breasts regardless of your age!

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