Top Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Procedures trending for 2018. The plastic surgery
industry considered 2017 to be the year of plumped lips. General predictions by various industry
experts foresee a trend in non-lip-related procedures for 2018. Here’s the list of trending plastic
surgery procedures including surgical and non-surgical enhancement treatments trending for

Customized Treatments
we are seeing more combined forms of treatments being used together for a more unique
outcome. Board certified plastic surgeons in Jaipur use and combine different modalities to
deliver the best results for our patients. For example, postpartum body contouring, commonly
called Mommy Makeover, combines liposuction, tummy tuck(abdominoplasty) and breast lift
procedures to restore various body areas affected by pregnancy. This plastic surgery in Jaipur
procedure is ideal for women who have keen interest in fitness and strong desire to retain a pre-
pregnancy figure.

Fat Transfer
Fat transfer is a non-invasive procedure that involves removing fat from one area of the body
and using it to shape, fill and plump other areas of the body that are lacking in volume, such as
the face, hands, breast and buttocks, to achieve the desired results. Liposuction is performed to
harvest fat in areas of your body that have excess fat such as the inner or outer thighs, love
handles or lower abdomen. The fat is purified before it is injected back into different areas of the
body. Fat transfer is a well-tolerated and safe procedure with lasting and natural-looking results.
It’s important to note that as fat cells, they increase or decrease in size with weight loss or gain.
As fat uses your own fat (autologous), it reduces the chance of allergic reactions to synthetic

Botox® and Fillers for Millennials
More and more millennials or patients in their 20s and early 30s, are getting Botox® and dermal
fillers because they are not waiting for wrinkles or lines to form and become apparent before
they start treatment. The selfie generation is ruled by self-awareness, social media and instant
gratification, so it is not such a surprise that they are opting for non-invasive procedures to
maintain youthful image and in the hopes of preventing the need for anti-aging plastic surgery
procedures later on in life. Botox® is an FDA-approved neuromodulators that is used to
selectively weaken specific facial muscles to prevent wrinkle formation for millennials and
reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles or lines on the forehead, mouth and around the eyes
(crow’s feet) for older patients. Dermal fillers are used to fill and plump facial areas for fuller lips,
fuller cheeks. It’s also used to enhance sunken eyes and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
around the eyes and mouth. Both Botox and fillers are excellent for enhancing your appearance.

With the stigma associated with women opting to reshape their labia for aesthetics or comfort
slowly fading, labiaplasty as a cosmetic solution for vaginal rejuvenation continues to grow.
Some women choose to undergo labiaplasty for functional reasons, such as discomfort while
wearing tight clothing or during sex. Other women select to undergo labiaplasty for aesthetic or
for both reasons, boosting their self-confidence and her sexuality.

Male Procedures
As more men are becoming more body conscious in this social media age, male plastic surgery
procedures are steadily on the rise. Whether it’s to correct a specific condition, such as
gynecomastia or enlarged male breast, or just to change the way they look, more men are
undergoing plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. Some of the most common plastic
surgery procedures performed on men are hair transplant, breast reduction, rhinoplasty and

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