Mr. Raviraj, Hair Transplant Surgery

Got Hair Transplant by Dr. Sunil Arora. Very good result with normal looking hairs which are growing naturally. I look much younger and feel a lot better. I chose this place for hair transplant after visiting many clinics, very happy with my decision of getting it done by Dr. Sunil Arora. Definitely recommended.

Mr. Mahesh Kr. Kumawat, Hair Transplant Surgery

Nice doctor. Good hand in hair transplant. Good communication with all HT. Team members.

Jitesh Dubey, Hair Transplant Surgery

Thanks to the entire staff of ALCS hospital for being so cooperative. Dr. Puneet and Dr. Sunil made me feel very comfortable during consultation and after procedure. Whosoever is reading this, I will like to highlight the fact that, ALCS offers the best hair transplant services. The staff here are skilled and trained. Thanks Dr. Puneet for the amazing experience.

Mr. Dharam Veer, Hair Transplant Surgery

Experience is very good. Fully satisfied with doctor and staff for very nice hospitality. Dr sunil is very humble and honest doctor, that is the thing which I like most. Waiting for the good result.

Gautam Kumar, Hair Transplant

Overall a very amazing experience, my looks has improved. I have started to feel 2-3 years younger. although the operation was slightly painful, but it was worth the pain at the end. I have recovered completely. Overall the experience was pretty hassle free and comfortable.

Mr. Umang, Hair Transplant Surgery

Doctor seems to be knowledgeable and convincing. I would definitely recommend. Staff was asking for a review before seeing the counsellor.

Anirudh, Hair Transplant Surgery

Very good treatment for hair growth.

Balwan numrana, Hair Transplant Surgery

ALCS is the best hair transplant clinic in India. I was suffering from hair issues since last some years. After researching I got to know about Dr. Sunil Arora. It’s been four months since my hair transplant. With the head full of luscious hairs. I have started to feel more confident and happy. Thanks to the entire staff of ALCS clinic.

Dr. Mukesh, Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant in ALCS is the best hair transplant centre in the entire city. Dr. Sunil Arora and Dr. Puneet Bhatnagar are friendly and clears all the doubts of the patients. ALCS has the friendly staff which makes you feel much like a home. After hair transplant it looks and feels like I have entered my youth years. I feel confident and happy with my overall appearance.

Dilip Motwani, Hair Transplant

I am satisfied with overall results. I was not very confident about my personality. As I am working in MNC, where you need to interact with clients on regular basis. I used to feel very underconfident which started to take toll on my job and my career as well. After undergoining treatment, I have started to feel more confident and enthusiastic. Now I do not shy away from meeting new people. Thank you ALCS for your support.

Shama Khan, Laser Hair Removal

I was facing the issue of facial hair growth post-delivery, due to which my face started to look more mascular. Beauty treatments were not of much help. I decided to opt for the medical route to address the issue. At ALCS I met Dr. Sunil Arora, after the consulation I opted to proceed further with the monthly treatment. I would say the recovery rate for the first few months was      50 %, but I am confident that in future the rapid growth of the facial hairs will cease. I am happy with the overall services at ALCS clinic. Special thanks to Miss Pooja for being so helpful.

Swati Singh, Laser Hair Removal

I will give it a thumb up for the Excellent overall experience. I am satisfied with the service of the staff. I was facing the issue of facial hair growth at a rapid rate. I opted to go for a consultation at ALCS. I would say the hospital has a reasonable cost structure. Doctors are friendly and they try their level best to make you comfortable.

Laxmi, Laser Hair Removal

I was facing the issue of facial hair growth. I saw drastic change in my first sitting and I am satisfied. Technicians are very cooperative and polite. Thanks, ALCS for the incredible experience.

Dr. Arvinder Singh, Botox

Received Botox treatment. I can make-out gross improvement in wrinkles around eyes and on forehead. Very conveniently and professionally done with a personal touch. Strongly recommended. My wife and sister also received similar treatments and are extremely satisfied. Thanks.

Ms. Suman, Skin Rash

Nice clinic, nice staff, nice ambience. A very fruitful consultation with doctor, it was a two way discussion, listening to patients and advising treatment accordingly. I could feel a huge difference in my appearance after the treatment. Surely advisable. Keep the good work going.

Ms. Neetu Sharma, Neck Lift

Too good result. It was a perfect result that we wanted. Professionally and meticuloulously done. We are extremely grateful to the doctor and his team for improving our lives. Thank you so much.

Mr. Manish Mishra, Anti Aging Treatments

Extremely great, better than what I expected. Friendly and polite staff, doctor. Comprehensive treatment, very effective, best experience ever. Miraculous results. Strongly recommended.

Baby Kanika Goyal, Burns

I am extremely satisfied by the treatment of Dr. Sunil Arora. He not only prescribed medicine to cure problem but also boosted confidence in the patient to handle the problem.

Ms. Renu jain, Reconstructive Surgery

Services are good and treatment is very good. Doctor who attends the patient is very nice. My experience is very positive for the treatment.

Dr. Prachis, Alopecia Areta Treatment

Alopecia Areta Treatment Centre offered customize treatment with clinical excellence. Staff is well trained and ambience is class.

Mr. Sunil Swami, Laser Resurfacing

Everything related to problem and treatment was very well explained. All my queries were dealt patiently in an extremely friendly manner. Staff, ambience, doctor- everything strongly recommended.

Shikha Yadav, Rhinoplasty

It was very nice, and awesome results……….Friendly doctor and polite takel staff……thanks you ALCS…..

Tapesh Kasana, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Amazing experience without any issues. Very friendly and cooprative doctor and staff. Giving very satisfactory result.

Kajal Mishra, Mastopexy, Rhinoplasty

Everyone is so courteous about the patients and Dr. Arora will guide and tell in and out of process and results.

Mannver Singh,

Amazing results of liposuction, wowww exilant doctor…….very good carding too….

Kajal Mishra, Mastopexy, Nose Reshaping

An awesome doctor, staff. He will tell you each prose and corns about the treatment. take care of his patients in very courteous manner. Staff follows up for appointments religiously.

Mr. Dipesh Jain

I had warts for over a couple of months. Dr. Sunil Arora were the first doctor that I consulted. He diagnosed it in one go and resolved the problem in a few minutes. The clinical is quite hygienic and the staff is friendly. Though the clinic may be perceived a little overpriced but it’s worth the experience of the doctor.

Mr. Nishant R

The experience was very enriching. Doctor lucidly explained the root cause of my problem with diagram and keywords. Dr suggested the proper treatment. Dr is quite knowledgeable and shares the knowledge effortlessly. My overall experience was excellent.

Ms. Saroj Gupta

Great experience, everything about my problem- cause, prevention, treatment was explained properly and in a very professional manner. I appreciate Dr Sunil Arora for his patient listening and outstanding knowledge of his subject. I can feel miraculous improvement with his treatment , highly recommended for cosmetic surgery.

Mr. Yashvardhan Sharma

My experience was very good. Dr. Sunil Arora is not like typical doctors who show ego and other things. The behavior of all staff was great and Dr Sunil is very experienced. I will always recommend sir to everyone. Thank you.

Mr. Virindavan Sahu

Relief and improvement started getting visible after some days. Day by Day problems were resolved in the guidance of Dr. Sunil Arora.His way of diagnosis and treatment was extraordinary. I strongly recommend him.

Mr. Ajay Meena

Extraordinary results reflect on face after two sittings of laser procedure. I am satisfied with treatment of Dr.Sunil Arora and strongly recommend him.

Mrs. Astha Saxena

Experience is good. Doctor suggested for grafting and we have to take a decision about it. Will meet doctor again for dressing and grafting purpose.

Mr. Aman Goyal

Very good experience. I am very much better than before and satisfied with the treatment. Sunil sir has given me new hopes and suggestions for the day to day betterment in my injury.

Mrs. Urmila

Experience with Dr. Sunil Arora to get rid of unwanted hair is satisfactory and results begin showing after few sittings. I strongly recommend.

Dr. Harish Gupta

I find Dr. Sunil Arora sir very amicable and helpful in the treatment process. His approach towards the patient is excellent. I strongly recommend him for anyone who is having hair problem.

Dr. Aleikh Saxena

I find Dr. Sunil Arora sir very supportive, caring and helpful in achieving the required goals. I would strongly recommend him as a doctor for cosmetic procedures

Ms. Pratima Yadav

Doctor is good. He is very amicable in nature and very understanding. He has first written investigations and then only prescribed the treatment…

Ms. Renu Jain

Everything about this clinic is good. The doctor is very knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with my first two sittings of laser hair removal.

Kanta Rani Dawra

Doctor is very friendly. He understands my problem and gives options accordingly. Staff is also very polite. Nice experience.

Ms. Swati Sharma

Doctor is good and well experienced. It is my first visit. He explains the problem very well. Hope to get good results in future.

Ms. Swena Prashant

Doctor is very friendly and polite. He listens to me very carefully. I am happy with the suggestions he gave. I am satisfied.

Mr. Pankaj

The experience was good. The doctor is very friendly. I will recommend Dr Sunil Arora to my relatives also. Staff is also good.


Doctor explained everything to me in detail and gave me sufficient time for consultancy. I am very happy with doctor’s treatment.


Very nice staff. Overall I am impressed with the way doctor treats his patients. All the best guys. Keep going.

Mr. Aakash Vijay

The behaviour of the doctor while talking with patient and attendant was very good. His reply on phone was also very well polite. My experience with him is very good

Poonam Dhaka

I am very satisfied with the treatment. Getting Good results.

Meenakshi Arora

Excellent. Staff is very good. Doctor is very talented

Mrs. Ankita

Let see, this is my first consultation…. Hope for the best!!!!

Mr. Vaibhav Shah

Hi. I got my filler done on my acne scar around cheeks two months back. I must say I am very satisfied with the outcome. Face looks more symmetrical. Clinic is one of the best I have seen in Jaipur. Very hygienic , nice ambience. Dr. Sunil is a true professional.

Ms. Deepika Soni, Laser Resurfacing

Dr Sunil Arora had treated my face after an accident *** ** *** * ***** ****Although I got 13 stitches near my right eyebrow, but my scar is almost invisible. I immensely trust Dr Arora with my skin. And I would highly recommend others to consult him in case of any skin problem(s).

Mr. Dipesh Jain

I had warts for over a couple of months. Dr. Sunil Arora was the first doctor that I consulted. He diagnosed it in one go and resolved the problem in a few minutes. The clinic is quite hygienic and the staff is friendly. Though the clinic may be perceived a little overpriced but it’s worth the experience of the doctor.

Ms. Prathibha, Laser Resurfacing

Nice doctor. Good hand in hair transplant. Good communication with all HT. Team members.

Ms. Deepika Dixit, Facial Cosmetic Surgery

It was excellent. Your work is going to fill a large part in my life. Thanks a lot

Mrs. Sudha Sharma, Ear Lobe Correction / Repair

It was excellent. I will always recommend it to all and it was the best ever experience that I got here. Exceeds expectations.

Dr. Neha Pathrabe, MesoGlow / Repair

It was good. Good staff. Good handling with the patient. Good treatment. Satisfied with the procedure. I will advice this clinic to others as well.

Ms. Kirti Singh, Laser

Experience is good. I am happy with the treatment. Staff is cooperative and helpful. I am hopeful that I will get 100 percent result in targeted time. Doctor is very helpful and handles patient very politely.

Ms. Surbhi Vaishnav

The treatment I got here is extremely good. My acne have reduced a lot. I highly recommend this place. Low cost and effective results.

Dr. Sonali Jain, Laser

More than satisfactory in all aspects. The doctor, staff, ambience, make it a pleasant experience both in terms of treatment and courtesy . Recommended for all cosmetic related queries.

Dr. Prachi, Alopecia Areta Treatment

Centre offered customized treatment with clinical excellence. Staff is well trained and ambience is peaceful.

Mrs. Payal Chaudhary, Liposuction

Very good…..no doubt about procedures. ……doc.. Very frank and good responsive.

Rohan Mittal

I visited ALCS for baldness pattern and which was at level 3, earler I have tried all the possible solutions but got zero results. I took the FUT treatment at ALCS an year aggo and got the satisfactory results. DR. Arora and his team is very courteous. Overall it was a good experience to get treated from DR. Arora and I would recommend the same to my friends and family.

Miss Kirti Singh, Laser

Experience was very good. I have seen a perfect result on my treatment. So impressed with the results. Treatment is worth appreciating.

Nivisha Choudhary

I have marked improvement on first 7 days of the treatment. I expect that the same will continue for the remaining days of the procedure. My overall experience was good. Special thanks to Technician Pooja for being friendly and helpful.