My Body My Way

Hair transplantation procedure

MY BODY MY WAY For transplantation purposes hair from the head area are generally used. To achieve the desired result, however there are some patients who do not have enough hair on their heads.  Body hair are very similar to head hair in structure and quality and in such cases it is possible to transplant … Read more

My Experience With Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Jaipur

MY EXPERIENCE WITH HAIR TRANSPLANT Hair transplant is a rapidly evolving field where hair restoration surgeons are trying to find newer methods to improve the graft yield and improve the overall final aesthetic result of hair restoration procedure. Traditionally, hair transplantation utilizes harvesting of follicles from safe donor area of the scalp and transplantation of … Read more

How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplant in Jaipur

How to Find Best Hair Transplant Clinic If you have been going through a severe loss of hair, doesn’t matter if you are an adult or teenager, it is a matter of real concern for you and can be very traumatic. I am telling this as I have gone through this concern and also made … Read more

How Long Until I Can Work Out After a Hair Transplant Surgery


How long until I can work out after a hair transplant surgery Hair transplant is the recent trend now! However, hair transplant has been performed by numerous doctors since 1950’s and the technique has undergone numerous evolutions by now. A Hair transplant is such a surgical hair restoration procedure that uses hair follicles from the … Read more

Does Smoking After Hair Transplant Surgery Affect Hair Growth?


Does smoking after hair transplant surgery affect hair growth?   Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is used to treat various levels of androgenic alopecia both in men and women as well. It is such a surgical procedure where the balding areas are covered up by transplanting hair from the donor area (typically the … Read more

Average Cost Of Hair Transplant In Jaipur


What is the average cost of hair transplant in Jaipur  Jaipur- the capital city of Rajasthan is indeed the most popular destination, especially for its heritage. The place has undergone numerous development in the recent time and that had led to increasing workload, stress, and pollution. And this has given rise to numerous problems and … Read more