Things To Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE BREAST AUGMENTATION Every woman aspires to have perky breasts which enhances and makes her personality attractive. Due to many causes such as genetics,age and associated diseases. Some women tend to have saggy breasts which hinder the attractiveness. Modern science offers many cosmetic procedures to correct it, one of it is BREAST … Read more


Plastic surgery in Jaipur

TOP TRENDS FOR PLASTIC SURGERY IN 2018 Top Plastic Surgery and Non-Surgical Procedures trending for 2018. The plastic surgery industry considered 2017 to be the year of plumped lips. General predictions by various industry experts foresee a trend in non-lip-related procedures for 2018. Here’s the list of trending plastic surgery procedures including surgical and non-surgical … Read more

Can Breast Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?


Can breast surgery affect breastfeeding? There are a large number of woman who is currently undergoing various breast procedures to achieve a sensuous body appearance. But they fear about undergoing pregnancy and the question they are left behind is- Can a woman breastfeed after undergoing breast surgery? The answer is YES it is possible to … Read more

Best Breast Surgery Tips You Will Read This Year


Best breast surgery tips you will read this year Undergoing a breast surgery is one of the biggest decision in life and now more than 70 percent of woman are choosing to move under the knife to achieve a more proportionate and sensuous body. Having proportionate breasts not only gives us a beautiful attractive appearance … Read more