How To Choose Doctor For Revision Hair Transplant

  As someone rightly said “You never get a second chance to make a First Impression!” Wouldn’t you like to make a great one the first time round itself? Most of us would say an unequivocal yes to this question. This is probably the reason, we have seen such tremendous increase in the different industries … Read more

Painless Hair Transplant Techniques: Solve Your Hair Problems

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Painless Hair Transplant Techniques: Solve Your Hair Problems   Who doesn’t like long and beautiful hair? Whether you are a man or a woman you are bound to prefer hairs that not only fulfill their biological reasons but also various aesthetic reasons like looking good. And it is hard for some people to accept that … Read more

The Plush Love With My Hair

Hair loss treatment

 The Plush Love With My Hair   Hair are considered to be one of the strongest and major attractive feature to men. Everybody, be it a man or either a woman, everybody gets attracted to long luscious locks of hair. This attraction is also proved by many psychological and other research institutes. However, hair loss … Read more

How New Hair Helped Me Regain Confidence

Hair Replacement in Jaipur

Hair Replacement – How New Hair Helped Me Regain Confidence The most valuable asset a balding man or a woman is their confidence. In fact the same is true for a person with a full head of hair. Hair loss is a major concern for most of the people. One study revealed that men are … Read more

Goodbye Baldness

Male pattern baldness

GOODBYE BALDNESS Alopecia or Baldness, also known as Hair Loss, refers to a loss of hair from any part of the head or body. Usually and typically head is involved in hair loss. The severity of hair loss differs from entire body to a small area. Typically scarring or inflammation is not present. Hair loss … Read more

My Body My Way

Hair transplantation procedure

MY BODY MY WAY For transplantation purposes hair from the head area are generally used. To achieve the desired result, however there are some patients who do not have enough hair on their heads.  Body hair are very similar to head hair in structure and quality and in such cases it is possible to transplant … Read more

My Experience With Hair Transplant

Hair transplant in Jaipur

MY EXPERIENCE WITH HAIR TRANSPLANT Hair transplant is a rapidly evolving field where hair restoration surgeons are trying to find newer methods to improve the graft yield and improve the overall final aesthetic result of hair restoration procedure. Traditionally, hair transplantation utilizes harvesting of follicles from safe donor area of the scalp and transplantation of … Read more