Rhinoplasty Treatment – How to Decide The Best Surgeon

  1. Rhinoplasty

The desire to look good is as primal as the need for food. And with all the increased avenues to shine, this is an even more need in today’s Instagram and Snapchat inspired world. This is one of the biggest motivating factor behind people opting for rhinoplasty. 

Patients generally seek nose surgery, or rhinoplasty as it is known commonly, to alter their appearance. However, an extremely important beneficiary of the procedure can be someone who has a difficulty in breathing. This is because, the nose surgery is a plastic surgery, conducted by a certified plastic surgeon to alter the structure of your nose.

In the simplest terms, the human nose has a structure, which has bones at the top and cartilages at the bottom. The nose operation can be performed to alter the structure of the bone, the cartilage or even the skin. It is the surgeon, who will typically examine you to find out whether you are a good candidate to undergo the procedure.

Once the surgeon has identified you as a possible candidate for nose plastic surgery, they will take you through the procedure, the possible risks, the precautions you need to take and also discuss the possible outcomes by clicking pictures and modifying them on the computer. As you can see, it is your surgeon, who is the most critical link between you and a good or bad rhinoplasty, it is very important to find the correct surgeon.

2. How to choose the best surgeon for Rhinoplasty

At this stage, an obvious question in your mind would be, how much does the rhinoplasty surgery cost? But trust us when we say, it is more important to ask, what makes a good rhinoplasty surgeon and how to find one? It is intuitive to understand that the answers to these two questions are also interrelated to a certain extent. So, let us take a look at some of the important factors to consider, when looking for a surgeon, apart from the rhinoplasty cost.

  1. Credentials of the Surgeon: It is very important to understand that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and carries all the common risks of a surgery. In fact most insurances also cover the nose surgery cost. Thus, it is imperative that you get it done only from a qualified and trained surgeon. Always, check the qualifications, certifications and affiliations of the doctor before shortlisting
  2. Expertise and Experience of the Surgeon: It goes without saying that the more experience the surgeon has with the kind of surgery you are looking for, the more suitable they are. Find out about the experience of the doctor from his or her previous patients if possible. Also, try and get information about their area of expertise before finalizing
  3. Medical Facility: As important as the surgeon, is also the medical facility where they carry out the procedure. A lot of things about the medical facility need to be evaluated and considered before choosing it. For example – the hygiene of the place, the fire and safety standards and the location of the facility. All of these may also have an impact on the rhinoplasty surgery cost and hence should be carefully considered.
  4. Comfort level with the surgeon and the staff: Before deciding on the right surgeon, it is important that you meet them for a consultation. This will help you understand your doctor’s knowledge, how comfortable they make you feel, how much information are they able to give and explain to you as well as how much effort are they making to understand your specific needs.
  5. Rhinoplasty Cost: An extremely important consideration without a doubt, the right surgeon generally comes with a higher fee. Hence, when choosing one, it is important to know how much will your nose surgery cost with this particular surgeon and does it fit your budget.

Once you have gone through all these details and figured out the shortlist based on these parameters, evaluate each option objectively, before finalizing your surgeon. As they say, well begun is half done, in this case, finding the best surgeon may turn out to be more than half! Therefore, find as much information as you can, after all, it is a plastic surgery that you are going for.

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