Remodeling The Body After Weight Loss

What is weight loss?

The human body is one of the most complex and marvellous compositions on this earth. With every
element having a role to play in the overall sustenance of healthy life, it is nature’s gift. However, more
often than not there are deviations from the expected way of working for example storage of excess fat leading to an increase in weight.

Losing this extra weight is recommended and required for the person to live a healthy and fit life. This can be achieved by weight loss. In scientific terms, weight loss is reduction of the body’s total mass and this state can be achieved by a number of ways including losing body fluids, body fat and / or lean mass (bone mineral deposits, muscles or tendons).

Weight loss can be unintentional for example in case of a prolonged illness, or one can go for intentional weight loss treatment with the aim of improving health, fitness levels or just the appearance of an individual. The intentional weight loss has become a much needed goal in today’s Instagram obsessed world.

The desire to look perfect has led many individuals to take measures for weight loss like exercising, dieting, medicine and going for weight loss treatment. But, there are effects of this weight loss which
are evident after you have achieved your goal. The next step should be to eliminate these visual effects by means of a cosmetic procedure, so that your quest for a perfect body is complete.

Remodelling your body after weight loss Once you have reached your target weight range after undergoing any weight loss treatment or by other means like exercising or dieting, it is now time to show off your achievement. However, it is generally at this point of time you start noticing the effects of the weight loss – sagging skin, pockets of adamant fat, lost elasticity in skin and tissues. There is no need to despair, as with the advancements in modern medicine there are nonsurgical and non-invasive procedures available to help you complete that last mile in your weight loss journey.

One of the most popular methods of undergoing this transformation to get the perfect body shape is
body contouring surgery. It is a non-invasive procedure for removing excess sagging skin and tissues
thereby improving the shape of the support tissue underlying them. This is achieved by different
methods including

 Controlled cooling
 Controlled heating
 Using sound waves with controlled heating

to stimulate the production of collagen in the body and enhancing the fat melting process. As you may be aware, collagen is the main protein in the human body that is responsible for giving elasticity to the skin and the tissues. An increased production of the same by the body in response to the external stimulants as outlined above, leads to melting of stubborn fat deposited in pockets, increasing the overall elasticity of the skin and giving you that perfect sculpted look you are after.
Due to its non-invasive nature, it is considered to be one of the best weight loss treatment, but you
need to be aware that this procedure is not meant for body loss. As any good weight loss treatment centre will inform you, the body contouring procedures are useful for what their name suggests, contouring. This procedure is carried out on patients with the following characteristics

 Whose body weight loss is stabilized
 Who are in good general health condition and are not taking any medications for any other ailments
 Who are non-smokers

Although there are no known side effects to the procedure, the patients may feel slight irritation, swelling and pain which subsides within days.


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