Did you regrow hair and recover from hair loss

Did You Regrow Hair and Recover from Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the major problem faced by people. Every person in the world is at risk of losing hair due to various reasons. I was born with amazing hair quality, and when I was young I had thick and shiny hairs. But in my early twenties, I started using more and more chemicals on my scalp, different shampoos, hair coloring and so on. I stopped caring about my hairs and the results were devastating. My hair first started thinning, and then patches of baldness started to appear. I had rigorous hair fall and I started to think I will lose all my hairs soon. It was so difficult to deal with and embarrassing when I first started noticing that my hair is falling out. I felt I was too young to be losing my hair already. It was becoming scary to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror because I knew I had lost more hair. As I was getting more stressed my hair fall increased. Finally, I decided to panic less and to do something about it and reverted back to my roots. I started taking care of my hair intensively and after many efforts, I started seeing results, my hair did grow back and became thick and lustrous again. Here I will be sharing what I did to regrow my hair and recover from hair loss.

Head massage is very important for healthy hair and scalp. It will restore the growth of your hair by stimulating the scalp and will improve the thickness of your hair. A good hair massage will also help you relieve stress and tension and will drain away toxic from the scalp. This is because head massage increases blood flow and directly stimulate the cells. You only have to do is take an oil of your choice, you can choose from coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, etc. and apply evenly to your scalp and spread it to rest of the hair. Leave it for an hour or more before washing or you can also keep it overnight for better results. Do it twice a week for stronger and healthier hair.

I used to comb my hair a lot which also break hairs. For reducing hair fall, I started combing only once a day and that too using a wide tooth wood comb. Wood is more gentle on your scalp compared to plastic and it will not hurt new follicle growth. It will also give a massaging effect to your scalp and distribute the natural oil to the scalp.

Exercise is as important to your hair as it is important to your body. It will increase blood flow to your head and give required nutrients and oxygen to your head. And also when you shed some sweat, you unclog the hair follicles which were clogged due to dirt and dead skin. It will eventually promote hair growth.

For healthy hair, stop using heat appliances and chemical products to your hair. Also stay away from chemical treatments like straightening and perming. These treatments and applications will destroy your hair follicles and damage your hairs and will cause hair loss.

Stay away from hair products containing sulphates, parabens, alcohol, artificial color, artificial fragrance, etc. These ingredients are commonly present in many shampoos and conditioners. These are very harmful to your hair and eventually cause hair loss. Buy hair products that are all organic and natural. Always read the ingredient label before buying any new shampoo or conditioner.

The other very important requirement for your hair health is nutritious food. Eat a proper diet rich in protein and vitamins. You can fill your daily protein requirements with eggs, lentil, beans, etc. Also eat fruits and vegetables like oranges, berries, banana, kiwi, apple and green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, pumpkin, etc. These fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, calcium, biotin, etc. which promote hair growth and make them healthy and strong.

Hence, if you want to see the results soon and effectively, you need to be consistent with your routine including diet and exercise. You can make many home remedies including homemade products which can be easily available. For me, it took some time for results to come out but I was finally able to restore my hair health.

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