Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant

Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant

If you have been going through baldness or a severe loss of hairs, doesn’t matter if you are adults or teenagers, it is a matter of real concern for you and can be very traumatic for you as baldness can have a great negative effect on your looks, and appearance and it can also adversely affect your confidence level. I am telling you this as I have myself gone through this condition and also made it go away. It was not easy noticing my hair thinning and losing my hair volume. Advancement in hair transplant techniques has reduced this worry for many.

As I started suffering from baldness I tried what not to stop this, I went for home remedies and chemical products and hair loss treatment too, but sometimes its already too late for them to work their magic on your hair. And as I was still very persistent about the idea of growing my hair back, hair transplant came as the last option for me to restore the full volume of hair on my head.

Here I will tell you about the Recent Advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant, about which I came across when I was researching and counseling for my own Hair Transplant.

Let’s talk about the best and most advanced Techniques in Hair Transplant one by one-

1.) The first technique is NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Technology. NeoGraft is an FDA-approved technology and its invention has changed hair transplantation procedures drastically. With the help of NeoGraft Hair Transplantation Technology, it is now possible to create a natural looking dense hairlines, fuller hair and it is so discreet which makes it practically imperceptible from any hair grafting restoration techniques that have been done.

Previously, manual extraction instruments were used and a large blob of hair was transplanted into strips. results of this old technique were quite obvious. But NeoGraft technique is an automated hair transplantation system. This technique makes hair follicles to harvest which is known as a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). It adequately advances the speed and accuracy of the transplantation and it includes no pulling or twisting which again makes the procedure easier.

2.) The next Hair Transplantation Technology is Powerful Powered Hair Transplant. In this technique before the implantation, doctors keep hair follicles in plasma and during hair transplant, PRP is done for making the current hair condition better. In Power hair, transplant hair is comparatively thicker and its density is also more as compared to other routine hair transplants. Also, hair growth is faster in Power hair transplant.

3.) The third Hair Transplantation Technique we will talk about is Mega and Giga Session of Hair Transplantation. As the name suggests the technique is about the number of the hair follicle. If you want to cover a large area of baldness in one session of the transplantation, these techniques are very effective. In mega Session of Hair Transplantation, a number of follicles harvested are more than 3000 hair follicles in one sitting. And in Giga Session of Hair Transplantation number of harvested hair follicles are more than 4000.

4.)Advanced Combo Techniques in Hair Transplant is another breakthrough technique in the field of Hair Transplantation. In this, two procedure of follicles harvesting is done together. According to the procedure, if you combine two procedures you can harvest a large number of hair follicles to cover a significant baldness at one time.

Before going for any of the above procedure, you should know that not all the hair experts are qualified. Hair loss for sure is very frightening but never agree on the lower quality of the service provided when undergoing hair transplantation. Earlier Hair transplant treatment was only available in big hospitals but now hair transplantation, as well as other cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers, are now available even at small clinics and beauty salons.

With so many option and it being very common practice this is possible that you don’t notice that many experts who perform these medical procedures are may be non-medical professionals or under-qualified doctors. It is essential to have a medical expertise for hair transplantation and therefore, you should go to only a certified dermatologist. Find a good clinic with trained and experienced doctors, do proper research and counseling and then take the next step.[/fusion_text][fusion_text] [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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