Need For Revision Hair Transplant

Need For Revision Hair Transplant


What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplants are regular and minor surgical treatments that are supposed to help individuals who are facing various kinds of hair troubles like thinning of hair, bald spots, baldness, and various other issues. There are many kinds of hair transplant treatment methods like FUT or follicle unit transplantation, FUE or follicle unit extraction, PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, and various other hair transplant methods. One hair transplant procedure can last anything from 1 hour to 6 hours and the time taken for the hair transplant price in Jaipur depends upon the volume or amount of hair you are seeking to get transplanted, the selected method of choice, and various other factors. There are different and varied amounts of side-effects associated with each of these methods and the cost for getting a hair transplant can range from 30,000 rupees to 6 lakh rupees as the cost depends on the method you have chosen to go under, your selected clinic, the surgeon or medical professional who will be performing the hair transplant or the procedure on you, and many other factors. The hair transplant price in Jaipur or any other place can directly be confirmed by visiting a nearby hair transplant clinic. However, there are certain cases when a hair transplant does not give or yield as much result as it was hope for and in those cases, an individual again seeks to get a different hair transplant procedure.

What Are The Reasons Behind An Unsuccessful Or Bad Hair Transplant?

  1. Outdated procedures or equipment used: Earlier the procedures that were practiced were not as effective as the procedures that are conducted these days and even the equipment used were more pain inducing and rather rough on the skin so if the clinic you visited were still practicing those methods or using that old equipment then chances are that the hair transplant procedure that you went under might not turn out to be a success and you would again have to go under another hair treatment method.
  2. Scalp Reduction: This is another outdated procedure that has been resulting into impartial recovery and further complications than necessary. In this technique, the skin of the bald scalp is removed and the skin bearing the patch of hair is stretched out. This method clearly does not yield positive results in comparison to the treatment methods practiced these days. This method also tend to cause unnecessary extra scarring, infection, hemorrhage, provides you an unnatural look, and many other things.
  3. The Operation Skills: It is not just the lack of proper equipment or a clinic not practicing the latest treatment method it might also be a lack of proper practice in the medical professional who might be performing these procedures. Though a hair transplant is a regular and a minor procedure but it still requires a certain degree of professionalism and many skills which various medical professionals earn through the hard work that they have done in their years of school and practice so choosing the right or the correct medical professional to perform a hair transplant on you is equally important.

What Can Be Done To Correct The Situation?

It is understandable that even though the hair transplant price in Jaipur might be high but it won’t be high enough for you to totally let go of your dream of getting the right hair even after a failed hair transplant procedure. So there is actually a lot that can be done to correct the whole situation but the exact methods used for the correction of a bad or an unsuccessful hair transplant depends from one situation to the other situation. If you are looking to correct the scars left by an unsuccessful hair transplant then the fixing scar strategies and treatment options would be implemented or suggested.  But a few methods that come under the modern correction hair transplantation therapy are graft excision, hair camouflage, combined repair, and many other treatment methods. The correction hair transplant price in Jaipur or any other place differs from one clinic to another or from one medical professional to other so it is advised that you contact a hair transplant clinic and have an open conversation with them regarding your requirements and all the other important factors.

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