Myth and Facts About Hair Transplant in India

Hair transplant is a highly popular cosmetic surgery. With the increasing popularity increases the misconceptions about the procedure. Many people who have no proper knowledge about hair, hair growth, hair loss, hair loss treatment and hair transplant built up many misconceptions and myths in their mind. These misconceptions may prove harmful not only to the person having those myths but also to many others. Proper study is needed in order to avoid such myths and be confident about what our hair problems are and how to proceed with those hair problems.

To help you know better about your hair and hair transplant, various myths and facts are
described below.

Myths and facts about hair fall

 Shampooing results in weaker hair: Shampooing has nothing to do with hair fall. One must shampoo their hair if it feels oily and sticky.
 More you brush the healthier it becomes: Brushing is undoubtedly important. However, over brushing may lead to hair fall.
 Wearing a hat continuously causes hair fall: Headgears neither strengthen nor weaken the hair. Although, they may protect hair from direct sunlight.
 Using a large number of hair products make hair healthier and stronger: The strength and health of your hair depend more on what you eat than what you apply. Proteins, vitamins, iron, zinc and other nutrients that we consume strengthen our hair more than anything else.
 Male pattern baldness is inherited from the mothers: Baldness may be inherited from either the maternal or the paternal side.

Myths and facts about hair transplant

 Myth: FUE hair transplant is a non-surgical process.
Truth: FUE is a complete surgical process which is performed by trained cosmetic surgeons.
 Myth: FUE hair transplant is highly painful.
Truth: FUE hair transplant incorporates minimal or no pain. The surgery is done under anesthesia to avoid surgical pain. Post surgery pains are very little and are mostly manageable.
 Myth: Hair transplant does not give long term results.
Truth: Hair transplants are well known for long term effects. The transplanted hairs are almost permanent.
 Myth: Transplanted hair doesn’t look natural.
Truth: FUE hair transplant gives you a completely natural looking hairline provided that the surgery is done by an experienced and skilled surgeon.
 Myth: FUE can cure any degree of baldness.

Truth: FUE hair transplant is feasible only for people suffering from baldness level 5 and below. This is due to the fact that for higher degrees of baldness the donor area is very less and thus extractions from those areas are not possible.
 Myth: FUE allows as many extractions as you want.
Truth: There is a limit to the number of follicles that can be extracted. Overharvesting may cause serious consequences.
 Myth: Hair growth will occur at the donor site.
Truth: The point from which hair is extracted cannot bear hair after extraction.
 Myth: FUE has zero recovery time.
Truth: FUE does require recovery time. The patient may go home soon after the procedure is complete but going out in the sun is not recommended for a week or two.
 Myth: FUE doesn’t leave any scar.
Truth: FUE hair transplant does not require any incision. Thus, no long scar exists. However, tiny holes can be seen at the donor site. These holes do fade away with
times but don’t completely vanish.
 Myth: FUE follows life-time medication.
Truth: FUE, generally, is not followed by any kind of medications. However, for those who experience unmanageable pain after the surgery, pain killers may be recommended for a short period of time.
 Myth: FUE hair transplant cost depends only on the hospital and the reputation of
the surgeon.
Truth: The cost of FUE hair transplant depends highly on the number of hair follicles extracted. Hence, two people who have been treated at the same hospital and by the same surgeon may need to pay a different cost for their treatment.

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