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Moles removed by excision with stitches are usually in cosmetically sensitive areas where an optimal scar is desired. ALCS offers the best Moles Treatment at Jaipur.

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    Mole removal surgery, popularly known as surgical mole removal, is a dermatological procedure that removes moles on the skin and helps to determine any possibility of skin cancer. Unlike moles, warts are caused by a viral infection and appear as rough patches on the skin. In most cases, both moles and warts can be removed by similar surgical methods. Before, that first let us understand in detail about moles and why should get them checked.


    Moles, also known as nevi, are basically pigmented skin growth that is harmless in nature. They can appear anywhere on the body and almost all adults can have some moles. Moles can have different colors although they usually appear in brown color. In the Indian climate, skin moles are very common.

    Most skin moles are harmless, but certain moles should be examined and removed if malignancy is suspected as they can be life threatening. Some of the common signs that should alert you are:

    A common method to remove skin moles is to go through a mole removal surgery. ALCS Skin Clinic offers consultation and economical surgical mole removal in Jaipur under the best plastic surgeon in Jaipur, Dr. Sunil Arora.

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    Warts are rough patches of skin that are usually caused by viral infection. Usually, they can be treated at home or with medications and go away within few days or months. However, if these methods of wart removal fail, surgical wart removal is the option for treatment of warts.

    There are several methods of wart removal such as electrosurgery, laser surgery, etc. However, most warts can be treated with Cryosurgery, which involves freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen causing a little pain, after which the wart and surrounding dead skin fall off by itself.

    If it is not removed then It is possible to treat warts using the same surgical techniques employed in mole and wart removal procedures. The type of surgical method to remove warts usually depends on the severity of your condition. Your surgeon will choose the method that is likely to produce the least amount of scarring after surgery.



    Mole removal or wart removal treatment is comparatively a simple cosmetic surgical procedure. Usually, the process is completed in one visit to the office of the surgeon. The cost of surgery will depend on the type of surgical process used as there can be various types of surgery for mole or wart removal.

    Your plastic surgeon will examine you and recommend the best process according to your individual condition. Have an open discussion with your doctor regarding your best options, both in terms of effectiveness as well as financial aspects of the procedure.

    ALCS surgeons offer a safe and effective wart or mole removal surgery in Jaipur at affordable costs. You can expect to get the best surgical treatment for moles as well as warts at ALCS Clinic.