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The male genital surgery consists of those focused procedures to improve the aesthetics or functionality of the intimate areas. ALCS offers the best Male Genital Surgery in Jaipur.

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    (Penis Enlargement, Circumcision, Scrotal Reduction & Testicular Implants)

    Many cultures around the world associate a man’s penile length with his virility and sexual prowess. With increased exposure to the internet and pornographic content, most men may develop a misconception that genitalia of extreme length and girth is necessary to live a healthy sex life, which isn’t true.

    Hence, most male patients go for male genital surgery with the aim of enhancing the overall appearance of the penis or scrotum. They often fail to realise that their genital is normal in size and shape.

    Technological advancement in surgical techniques has made possible aesthetic improvement in the male genitalia. However, it is always necessary to examine the patient’s underlying motivation for undergoing male genital surgery and to rule out psychiatric problems.

    The appearance of a male genitalia is often linked to self-confidence that may affect intimate relationships. It is of utmost importance for a surgeon to address the underlying mental and physical issues before giving a go-ahead to the patient for a male genital surgery.

    Patients should have an understanding of male genital surgery and have realistic expectations. This will help them have greater satisfaction with their surgery from the surgery and the surgeon too.

    While these analyses focus on your chemical status, erectile function tests are the principal tools your doctor will use to tell how the blood vessels, nerves, muscles and other tissues of your penis and pelvic region are working.

    Normal Nocturnal Penile Tumescence ( NPT ), or healthy involuntary erections during sleep, suggests that nerve function and blood supply are intact.

    An imaging technique called duplex ultrasound may also be used. It monitors blood flow, vein leaks, scarring of erectile tissue and some signs of atherosclerosis.

    During the test, an erection may be produced by injecting the stimulator prostaglandin into the penis and then measuring vessel expansion and penile blood pressures and flow, both of which are compared to the limp penis.

    In either case, duplex ultrasound can illustrate a specific blood vessel disease that may rule out a need for vascular surgery.


    Penis Enlargement surgery

    There are two common and highly specialized male genital surgery procedures to enlarge and increase the length the size of your penis. They are commonly known as penis lengthening surgery and penis enlargement surgery respectively.

    Male Circumcision surgery

    Circumcision is a very often performed male genital surgery. Most men take this personal decision which is either dependant on their religious beliefs or for various other reasons. few men find a tight foreskin to be uncomfortable or even painful in some cases.

    While a few of them find their foreskin to be too much. For some, they simply like the appearance of a circumcised penis appealing.

    It is important to understand that the sensation of the glans (head) of the penis may be irreversibly altered (reduced) and therefore one should be certain that circumcision is right for them before proceeding. Your surgeon will answer all your queries regarding circumcision surgery with you during your consultation.

    A large number of men undergo pain and embarrassment because of a poorly performed circumcision surgery. Most common issues they undergo include uneven or wide scars, stitch marks, rough or tethered skin.

    In few cases, usually after a circumcision surgery is performed on an adult, too much skin removal leads to uncomfortable or painful erections and sexual intercourse.

    Too many men live with such issues all of their lives because they have been uncomfortable discussing them with their doctors. Fortunately, there are available ways to repair wrongly done circumcision procedures. There are many patients that express satisfaction and experience a great relief after finally having these circumcision-related issues dealt with.

    In most cases, the male genital surgery procedures may be performed using local anaesthetia which will take an hour or more to complete. You may have to keep the genital area dry for at least 3 days.

    The stitch marks will dissolve on their own within about 3 weeks. You should refrain from sexual intercourse for sometime around 4 to 6 weeks post your genital surgery or penis surgery procedure.

    Scrotal Reduction

    Excessive skin that is present on the lower surface of the penis and the scrotum area makes some men uncomfortable and want the web removed.

    For others men, the skin might be so excessive that it can interfere with sexual intercourse or even affect the ability to roll a condom onto the penis.

    A penoscrotal web can be enhanced by a surgical procedure that actually lengthens the midline of the web. It allows the excess skin to settle back towards the scrotum. In few cases, excess skin is removed.

    Scrotal reduction surgery procedure:

    -This male genital surgery procedure can be performed under local anaesthetia if it is a small web. In case of a larger web that requires skin removal is best treated under general anaesthesia (where you be asleep throughout the surgery).

    You may be asked to keep the area genital area dry for a week post surgery and the surgery makes will disappear on their own within 3-4 weeks. You will have to avoid strenuous activity such as sports or weightlifting exercises for 4 to 6 weeks post surgery.

    Testicular Implants for genital surgery

    Testicular implants are used for genital cosmetic surgery for men who have an just one or both testicles absent or removed for various other reasons.

    The testicular implants come in various sizes and can be equally matched to the other side. Most men are eligible for this penis surgery once they have reached maturity. It is done after maturity so that the appropriate size testicular implant can be chosen to match the other side.

    Testicular implant surgery procedure:-

    This type of genital surgery is performed with general anaesthetia and usually takes around an hour. This procedure starts with an incision that is made on the top of the scrotum just besides the bottom of the penis and the scar will be somewhat invisible.

    You may be able to take a shower on the 3rd-day post genital surgery and you will be asked to refrain from any strenuous activities for about 2 weeks.


    The past several decades have ushered in a new treatment era for ED. Because of the advent of many advances, today urologists are helping millions of impotent men perform better and longer.

    Penile prostheses: Surgically implanted devices to ensure rigid erection have become highly reliable therapeutic solutions. See ED: Penile Prostheses

    Vacuum erection devices: Vacuum erection devices have proven to be safe alternatives in producing rigidity of the penis by drawing blood into the organ with a pump and holding it with an “occluding band”.

    Penile injection therapy: Penile injection therapy is a relatively quick and effective way to send vasoactive drugs directly into the corpora cavernosa where they expand the vessels, relax the tissue and increase blood flow for an erection.

    Oral Therapy: Furthermore, the pills: sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil have become the treatments of choice for millions of men who have experienced the drugs’ ability to boost levels of Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate ( cGMP ), a chemical factor in metabolism responsible for relaxing blood vessels.

    Penile arterial revascularization: This procedure is designed to keep blood flowing by rerouting it around a blocked or injured vessel. Indicated only for young men ( under 45 ) with no known risk factors for atherosclerosis, this procedure is aimed at correcting any vessel injury at the base of the penis caused by adverse events such as blunt trauma or pelvic fracture.

    When such an event leaves a penile vessel too injured or blocked to transfer blood, the surgeon may microscopically connect a nearby artery to get around the site, clearing the pathway so enough blood can be supplied to the penis to enable an erection.

    Venous ligation surgery: This procedure focuses on binding leaky penile vessels that are causing penile rigidity to diminish during erection.

    Because venous occlusion, necessary for sufficient firmness, depends on arterial blood flow and relaxation of the spongy tissue in the penis, this approach is designed to intentionally block off problematic veins so that there is enough blood trapped in the penis to create an appropriate erection.

    Since long-term success rates are less than 50 percent, this technique is rarely a choice for correcting ED.

    In fact, you are not a candidate for either penile vascular surgery if you have insulin-dependent diabetes or widespread atherosclerosis.

    You are also not suited if you still use tobacco or experience consistently high blood serum cholesterol levels. Neither of these surgeries will work if you have injured nerves or diseased and/or generalized damaged blood vessels.

    Also, if you are a candidate, be aware that vascular surgeries are still considered experimental by some urologists and may also not be covered by your insurance.

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    Most of the best-known treatments for ED have excellent track records for being both effective and safe. But in making your choice, make sure to discuss the potential complications of each option with your doctor.

    For instance, the good news about a penile prosthesis is that it does not usually affect urination, sex drive, orgasm or ejaculation. But on rare occasions, these semi-rigid, silicone-covered rods or hydraulic devices can cause pain or reduced sensation.

    While injections can initiate erections within 15 minutes to several hours, be aware that they also can produce prolonged or painful ones, not to mention a scarring of penile connective tissue ( fibrosis ).

    At the same time, a vacuum erection device should take only one to three minutes to give an erection, usually with no serious side effects if used properly. However, the use of the erection device to maintain the erection is limited to 30 minutes.

    Sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil have nearly 80 percent success rates, primarily because they are a solution that works within one hour.

    But on occasion, they can cause headaches, flushing, indigestion or muscle aches. Also, if you have heart disease or low blood pressure, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions a thorough examination before getting a prescription.

    You cannot take these drugs if you are taking nitroglycerine or any similar drug.


    Male genital surgery is a highly specialized field in urology which requires extensive training and education. This, however, does not mean all surgeons are equally capable of performing male genital surgery or other penis enhancement surgery.

    As with any other particularly specialised cosmetic procedures, there are various questions any prospective patients have in mind before considering to undergo male genital cosmetic surgery.

    How frequently does a surgeon perform male genital surgery?

    Ideally, any cosmetic surgeon should be very comfortable and familiar with the genital surgery procedure they’re performing. That being the case, some cosmetic surgeons are somewhat more experienced than the rest, or just focus on a specific type of surgical procedures.

    Is the cosmetic surgeon a member of any government associations or professional organizations?

    cosmetic surgeons who are well experienced within their fields are mostly members of large organizations. Before choosing a cosmetic surgeon make sure they are a leader in their own field.

    Even recommendation of fellow surgeons can be a good indicator of a surgeon’s overall skills and genital surgery experience.

    How are the facilities where the male genital procedure will take place?

    The facility where penis surgery or male genital surgery will be taking place is an important point of consideration when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Is the centre well reviewed? How is the supportive is the staff?.

    While male genital surgery is a well-supported cosmetic procedure with high success and satisfaction rates, it’s still important to be prepared. Having the right cosmetic surgeon can be helpful in restoring and maintaining your sexual health and lifestyle.

    The above mentioned male genital surgery procedures are real. Before you decide, it’s important to be well aware of any possible complications that may occur, even though they are rare.

    These procedures will be fully explained to you during your one on one consultation with your surgeon at ALCS Jaipur. At that time, you will have the opportunity to get your queries about genital surgery answered.


    Modern-day cosmetic surgeries are considered as very safe and thanks to advances in cosmetic medical technology and anaesthesia. They have reduced the chances of anything going wrong to rare cases.

    However, no cosmetic surgery is 100% safe like other surgical procedures. All types of surgeries do come with their own side effects and complications although they tend to occur in rare cases. You need to be aware of both the pros and cons of penis enlargement surgery before making your decision.

    Benefits of male genital surgery

    These include:

    Cons of male genital surgery

    These include side effects and complications and include:

    There is also a specific type of risks associated with the following procedures:

    Penis lengthening:

    Penis widening:

    There are various side effects which are common to all types of cosmetic surgery and risks which are not limited to a particular procedure.

    With male genital surgery side effects which include fewer rigid erections and decreased/increased sensitivity is observed. However, this issues will be explained thoroughly by your cosmetic surgeon during the consultation.

    Once you have signed the required paperwork and have booked a date for your male genital surgery then the next step is to prepare for surgery.