Liposuction: What to Expect

Liposuction: What to Expect

The Day of Your Liposuction Procedure

Come early, you will be filling out paperwork prior to the procedure, so it would help to be here 15-20 minutes early.

You will be taken back to the procedure room and asked to change into a gown. A formal consultation with the liposuction specialist will take place to assure that you are having the proper areas treated and that all your questions have been answered. Once the areas have been determined, we will take before pictures and mark the areas to be treated. Assuming you agree with the areas to be treated, you will then be given the medications required for the procedure. Our staff will then take your vital signs and measurements at this time to give us a baseline. If you are anxious we will give you xanax (anxiety medication) which will make you drowsy and relaxed.

The Liposuction Procedure

  1. The first part is getting you numb. This part can be a little uncomfortable since you are not numb yet. Your skin will be cleaned and the 2mm adits (entry holes for our tiny instruments) will be strategically placed in areas that are less visible.
  2. The next part is the debulking of the fat. A small 3-4mm canula will be passed into the now numb fat layer. The canula is attached to suction and will remove the fat. You should be pretty numb at this point and will only feel pressure and vibrations from the liposuction canula.
  3. Once the bulk of the fat has been removed, a smaller canula will be used to “sculpt” the area and ensure everything is even and smooth. The specialist will also double check all the areas treated to assure the fat has been removed evenly throughout the areas treated.
  4. You will then be cleaned up and garments will be applied to the treated areas. Depending on how much of the anxiety medication, Xanax that you take; you may feel drowsy and a little dizzy. If you choose not to take xanax, then you will feel great.

After The Liposuction Procedure

Immediately after the procedure, most people will still be numb and feeling very little pain for 18-24 hours. Since we inject a lot of fluid into your fat to get you numb, you will be draining this fluid afterwards. The more fluid that drains out of you the better. Any fluid that does not drain out will be reabsorbed by your body, and this tends to take longer and cause more swelling. So it is in your best interest to get as much of the fluid out as possible. This is most effective in the first few days.

Later that evening after the procedure, you will still be draining and you will start to get a little sore as the numbing medication wears off. You may want to take some Tylenol or pain medication at this point if needed. Since you will still be draining the fluids, it’s important to make sure that you have towels on your bed so you don’t make a mess on the sheets (the hotels don’t like it when that happens.) The whole draining process is painless and just an inconvenience. How much you drain will depend on how many areas you are having treated. The fluid will be a pink color looking like red gatorade and it is a mixture of the fluid and a very small amount of your blood.

Twenty-four hours after the procedure, you may take the garments off to shower and launder the garment if needed. Please use caution when taking the garment off, as you may get light headed the first time the garment is removed. You may try to squeeze out or milk out any residual fluids that remain in the treated areas. This can be a bit uncomfortable so go slowly. You can use soap and water around the adits, but there is no need to scrub too hard. After showering, you will want to get the garment back on as soon as possible, since you will swell more without the garment giving pressure.

**Please be advised that if you are having more areas treated, you will be more sore and things will be a little more difficult for your recovery.

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