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Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat that you can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise. ALCS offers the best Liposuction Techniques in Jaipur.

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    Types of Liposuction

    Liposuction procedures depend on various factors such as the type of fat, where the fat is, amount of fat to be removed, patients body goals etc. It also depends on the cosmetics surgeon’s recommendation.

    The first most important step for a liposuction surgery procedure is to visit a cosmetic surgeon. There is a variety of liposuction surgeries available for a patient to choose from depending on the recommendation of the surgeon.

    Even procedure using lasers or even ultrasound energy are now available due to technological advancement.

    Laser Assisted Liposuction

    Conventional liposuction surgery procedures include a vacuum draw attached to a cannula, along with empty tube utilized for fat extraction. With laser liposuction, the low vitality rushes of the concentrated laser light emission, their way into your greasy tissue. The outcome is softened fat.

    The head of the laser separates the fat cells with the goal that they can be extricated simpler than in conventional liposuction. Since there are no significant entry points, little openings are made on the skin’s surface and the laser starts to move all through the patient’s fat tissue conveying tumescent liquid (with lidocaine) and delivering less aggravation and scarring than other liposuction and body forming techniques.

    Most regularly utilized on the mid-region, stomach cushions, hips, thighs, knees, neck, arms and male bosoms (gynecomastia,) the strategy can likewise be utilized to expel sweat organs from the armpit, reducing the inclination to sweat for a few people with inordinate sweating issues.

    There are a few points of interest to utilizing Laser Assisted Liposuction over non-laser strategies; these advantages incorporate less draining and swelling, less wounding, once in a while do patients get medicines for post-operation treatment drugs and you can come back to your typical exercises in under seven days

    Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

    The Skinny on Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL)

    Considered a ‘less demanding’ option, control liposuction takes into account the plastic surgeon to utilize a sleeker cannula that moves forward and backwards rapidly.Power assisted lipo cannula makes around 300 strokes each moment. In conventional liposuction, the cannula is moved physically. Here, it’s a substantially gentle process on your body’s tissue and is exceptionally powerful. With the entirely mechanical development, your plastic surgeon does not make any manual operation whatsoever. The incision points are ordinarily smaller than others and results in a shorter and more focused liposuction than other types of liposuction procedures. Treatable territories that are perfect for PAL include:

    The PAL Surgery

    This more up to date control helped liposuction takes after the UAL liposuction system. The vibrating cannula here empowers the fat evacuation procedure to happen with less work and enables the liposuction surgery specialist to quickly remove fat to accomplish a smooth body.

    Like a programmed toothbrush, the liposuction cannula moves rapidly with short nudging developments. Joined to the vacuum machine (similar to all cannulas,) the cannula is accessible in various sizes just with this system.

    Adding this method to different methodology will expand your outcomes.

    Bosoms may regularly grow a container size or more after fat removal in ladies after liposuction surgery is performed on your belly, hips and thighs, It is theorized this amplification is because of the hormones re-adjusting in the body post liposuction of male and female fat receptors in the body after fat misfortune.

    Since less power by means of your plastic surgeon is utilized, the surgery itself is a lot more delicate on your body than a lot of different types of liposuction surgery. 

    The Tools for PAL Surgery

    The vibrating cannula is required for the procedure. There is also a vacuum machine that the cannula hooks into for liposuction surgery. Cannulas come in different sizes and make smaller incisions and can target smaller areas of the body without damaging the surrounding tissue. There are various types of the cannula such as:

    Suction-Assisted Liposuction

    Suction-helped liposuction (SAL) is a technique for expelling undesirable fat stores from particular territories of the face and body.

    The specialist makes a little cut and embeds a cannula joined to a vacuum gadget that suctions out the fat. Suction-helped liposuction isn’t another option for weight reduction.

    It is expected for use on limited territories of fat that don’t react to eating regimen or exercise. Regions appropriate for liposuction are the jaw, neck, cheeks, upper arms, the territory over the bosoms, the stomach area, flanks, the hindquarters, hips, thighs, knees, calves and lower legs.

    Liposuction can enhance body form and give a sleeker appearance. Specialists may likewise utilize liposuction surgery to remove lipomas (favourable fat tumours) at times.

    The method takes from one to four hours, contingent on the amount of fat to be removed. It includes various types of liposuction like chin liposuction, arm liposuction, neck liposuction etc. long procedures are performed mostly under general anaesthesia. Liquids and other fat, are lost amid the method, so the patient will get an intravenous liquid substitution.

    After suction assisted liposuction, the patient can expect some transitory wounding, swelling, soreness. The treated area may feel numb for a couple of months.

    Dangers of suction-assisted lipo to incorporate dying, disease, unreasonable liquid risks involve shocks, liquid amassing, damage to the skin, loose or undulated skin. Additional risks include asymmetry, pigmentation changes, blood clusters, fat embolism and organ damage. Significant entanglements are uncommon. In spite of the fact that it is to a great degree remarkable, death is additionally a hazard.

    After suction assisted liposuction surgery, patients can resume their work life within one to two weeks and can continue strenuous action in two to a month. Swelling and scars may fade within half a year time.

    The best and most durable outcomes from suction assisted liposuction are in those patients focused on a solid way of life, which incorporates legitimate sustenance and physical action.

    Twin Cannula-Assisted Liposuction

    The Skinny on Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction (TCAL) A twin cannula is a pipe like structure inside an empty tube attached to a cannula. This cannula is in charge of the freeing of fat also it does not affect the mechanical inward liposuction cannula that empowers your plastic specialist’s grip. This effectively helps in the greater part of the work associated with liposuction surgery. Shallow or subdermal liposuction happens without the cannulas getting hot, because of the dividing impact of the external cannula. The outcome is less consuming and scarring.

    Instruments utilized as a part of Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction Surgery

    Twin cannulas can empower a specialist’s stroke of up to 5 cm (2 inches) which is essentially something beyond an only vibrating 1-2 mm (1/4 inch) s do the other power-helped gadgets. This is a cannula inside an empty cannula – both of which collaborate together, however, perform distinctive developments – one concentrates and one test.

    Tumescent Liposuction

    The Skinny on Tumescent Liposuction

    Tumescent signifies “swollen.” The tumescent liquid is a cured saline arrangement which is injected into your body’s fat tissue along with local anaesthesia as a sedative. Your fat tissue responds to this injection of liquid by getting swollen.

    This helps your surgeon to use a cannula to suction out the fat, while veins contract prompting less blood misfortune and wounding. This strategy additionally passes by the names: standard liposuction, lipoplasty, suction-assisted liposuction, body forming and liposculpture. It is basic for the specialist to infuse an indistinguishable measure of liquid from the measure of fat to be removed.

    Tumescent liposuction is as of now one of the more famous liposuction medicines. You will require a nearby anaesthesia or maybe a general anaesthesia, contingent upon how huge the territory being dealt with is and how much fat will be removed.

    This strategy makes littler entry points in the greasy regions for the addition of microcannulas (empty needle with little gaps toward the end.) Prior to the tumescent liposuction surgery, bigger cannulas requiring substantially bigger incisions are used.

    The Skinny on Tumescent Liposuction

    Using smaller needles, the surgeon will make a predictable and reliable rate of fat removal utilizing his/her cannula. In this liposculpting procedure, the stainless steel cannula connects to a machine offering a solid vacuum-suction once injected into your fat tissue.

    Your surgery will take around 4-5 hours aggregate to suck out the fat in the focused zone. The fat gets extricated through the cannula from the little entry points made in the skin. By draining the fat out of the body part, a more slender fat layer stays after surgery.

    A reasonable objective for the tumescent liposuction procedure is a faster recovery. With this consistent extraction process, your scarring will fade away. with less blood and liquid loss tumescent lipo decreases the danger of contamination identified with surgery.

    To start with, your cosmetic surgeon will check the treated zones with a marker to ensure there is accuracy in the technique. You are given a local anaesthesia which will numb the inner part for the cannula assister lipo (empty tube.) You can likewise ask for an IV liquid with the goal that surgery while conscious, is less felt and it enables you to unwind more. 

    The Super ‘Wet’ Technique

    Like how tumescent fluid influences the fatty tissue, this is a quick strategy enduring just 1-2 hours. Extra anaesthesia is required with the ‘Wet’ or Super ‘Wet’ strategy (general anaesthesia or overwhelming IV sedation) since more blood is lost with this technique than with comparative methods.

    This effectively helps in the greater part of the work associated with liposuction surgery. Shallow or subdermal liposuction happens without the cannulas getting hot, because of the dividing impact of the external cannula. The outcome is less consuming and scarring. 

    Recuperation from Super ‘Wet’ and Tumescent Liposuction Surgery

    Post-lipo surgery, the body part(s) that were dealt with are wrapped firmly to decrease additional swelling, torment and any indications of wounding.

    Now and again, uncommon supports and bolster hose or stitched are used on the treated area(s) for your body. The pieces of clothing/wraps will be put for half a month (here and there up until the point when a month post-operation) after your surgery.

    The wound or scar is a little painful after lipo surgery and it goes on for 7-10 days for the patient. Be that as it may, you may need to manage liquid flowing out from the incision area.

    The flow will continue until a month post-operation. Ordinarily, anti-toxins are given to patients to diminish the danger of disease since the small openings the liposuction cannula made still might be open for some time post-operation.

    Anticipate that you will move a bit slower than you typically do. The vast majority can come back to ordinary exercises when the treatment is done, it might take a few days or weeks however for you to come back to your action.

    Work can be resumed for a couple of days to seven days after surgery, depending upon how vast the territory treated is and your opportunity off to recover may differ. Your plastic surgeon can better explain you to the extent the rest period and how it will be good for you and your body. 

    UAL: Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction

    The Skinny on UAL

    The vibrations from ultrasound energy have been utilized for quite a long time to surgically remove fat tissue. The ultrasonic assisted lipo vibration blasts the fat cells’ dividers making them condense.

    It accordingly making it less demanding for your lipo plastic surgeon to remove the fat. Ultrasound has been being used for the surgical removal of fat tissue for over 20 years.The tumescent fluid is injected and regulated where fat stores are denser and not effectively removed with other types of liposuction. The UAL strategy has a tendency to fix the skin and in addition expelling the profound fat stores.

    Utilized as a part of conjunction with tumescent liposuction surgery, UAL can upgrade how your body moulding comes about.

    It is exceptionally successful in treating zones like the back, gynecomastia (male breast with liposuction) and hips – all of which contain stringy tissue.

    Similarly, as you may have expected, ultrasound assisted liposuction’s cannula produces ultrasonic vitality which tests light and not the tissue and fat zones in the body.

    The ultrasonic energy of this coordinated light treatment works by making the fat cells melt and after that conventional liposuction is utilized to evacuate the fat.

    Since the fat transforms into a fluid, the UAL procedure has a tendency to be much smoother and considerably more proficient, diminishing injury and wounding, and additionally blood loss.

    Sinewy territories of the body are enhanced through this fat evacuation, and your outcomes ought to be characteristic of what you talked about with the specialist preceding surgery. It’s a really effective in surgical liposuction method.

    There are two unique alternatives for ultrasonic liposuction (UAL):

    Interior UAL: The ultrasonic liposuction surgery is done in a one-advance process where the ultrasonic gadget is attached to the tip of the cannula. More often than not, it is executed as a two-advance process.

    However, the inward UAL methodology empowers the relaxing of fat into the fluid by just embeddings the cannula when it has an ultrasound gadget attached to the surgical fat loss.

    Outer UAL: The gadget is bound outside the body and by a method for ultrasonic vitality, it discharges rushes of light through the skin and delicate fat tissue to release it up.

    This is generally performed with SAL. There are two distinct sorts of outer UAL (E-UAL): both require the territory initially be treated with tumescent liquid to transmit the ultrasonic waves and guarantee tolerant solace.

    One technique utilizes two transducers and an alternate variety in the expulsion of fat. The other framework uses the suction to encourage the condensed fat. This method is popular for patients seeking non-surgical fat loss procedures

    Since the UAL technique works adequately in diminishing thick fat territories, the most widely recognized treatment regions of the body are:

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    It’s another name for Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, ultrasound vibrations are discharged through a tweaked test utilizing beat vitality.

    This test enables your cosmetic surgeon to securely remove extra fat without making serious harm tissue when exposed to the ultrasound vitality. This vitality produces warm which helps dissolve your fat.


    To start with, reach plastic surgeons office for the pre checkup for ultrasonically assisted liposuction surgery so the specialist knows which regions to treat once you are on the table. At that point, once on the table, you are infused with tumescent liquid.

    This blend is a saline mixture of (water and salt) with a local analgesic and epinephrine. This will help you to maintain a strategic distance from additional liquid loss amid fat removal surgery.

    Next, the ultrasonic waves are started, contingent upon whether you are accepting outer UAL or inner UAL, and a shrill sound starts to melt the fat inside the particular body part until the point when it extricates up enough to be drained out of the body.

    This should either be possible through a machine produce the sound-waves into your fat tissue from outside the body (outer UAL,) or by means of the cannula offering ultrasonic waves extricating fat inside the body (interior UAL.)


    In this kind of liposuction methodology, a little dig tube made out of stainless steel (cannula) is reserved to a machine that offers a solid vacuum once embedded.

    The fat gets removed through the cannula from the little cuts made in the skin. By draining the fat out of the fat tissue/layers, a more slender fat layer stays after surgery.

    Fast recuperation is the objective since tumescent liposuction utilizes the smallest of cannulas. Anesthesia will numb the zone and choke your veins so there is less wounding, taking into consideration recuperation to be speedier and more pleasant.

    The vibrating tip of the liposuction cannula goes about as a test and is put (in inside UAL) under the skin to separate fat and modifies the skin’s collagen, causing skin fixing.

    The ultrasound test requires bigger inclusion focuses than the cannula in different kinds of liposuction, which might be an obstacle for specific patients.

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