Learn How to Regrow Hair

Learn How to Regrow Hair: Hair Loss Diet Success Stories!

Losing hairs while combing, while washing, and even while touching, irritates you to the core. While this is a very frustrating situation it is true that it happens to a lot of people. While most of us have very thin hair and some of us have thick hair, losing either of them is very saddening for us. A lot of hair spa sessions are given to reduce the hair fall. But these spas can be really expensive and not every one of us can afford it. The good news is that hair fall can be reduced not only by going to these spas but just by changing the diet.

Maintaining a good diet is not beneficial for hair but also for the body. Every food has some of the other impacts on us and this is the reason doctors advise us to eat certain kind of food in every condition. Junk food should be avoided overall as it damages the digestive system and this is the sole reason for the rise of many problems in our body.

The certain diet should be maintained for the growth of hair. I tried it out and I am totally satisfied. Some of the foods recommended by doctors are:

  • WHOLE GRAINS: They are rich in biotin, vitamin B, iron, and zinc. Biotin plays an important part in cell proliferation and also plays an important part in producing amino acids. These amino acids help in the growth of hair.
  • EGGS: It is very important to have enough protein in our diet as our hairs are made up of proteins. Since the building blocks of our hairs are protein so it is very important to provide our hairs the required diet of protein. And eggs are rich in that.
  • CITRUS FRUITS: Iron absorption is very necessary and vitamin C provided by the citrus fruits does that. As per the dieticians, a single glass lemon juice is enough for the day. Hence you should mix on lemon with honey and make a drink. This will work for the whole day. Vitamin C produces the collagen to make the capillaries that connect strongly to the hair shafts and ensure the regular supply of nutrients for a proper hair growth. Including oranges in your diet will also help in hair growth.
  • SPINACH AND GREENY LEAVES: Iron is very necessary for the body and green vegetables to provide that. When your body runs out of iron then oxygen and other nutrients do not reach to the hair roots and follicles in an appropriate amount, it makes the strands weak and resulting in hair loss. So having green leafy vegetables in your diet for hair growth is extremely necessary.
  • CARROTS: Carrots are rich in vitamin A which enhances the hair growth. Hair contains the fastest growing tissues in the body which is enhanced by vitamin A. vitamin A also helps the scalp in producing sebum oil naturally that keeps the hair roots healthy, finally boosting the hair growth.
  • NUTS AND SEEDS: They provide the omega 3 fatty acid that nourishes the hair supporting the thickening. Our body cannot produce these fats naturally and hence we need to have some diet for them. Almonds, nuts, and flax seeds are some of the snacks that you can include in your diet as they are highly rich in omega 3 and fatty acids.
  • AVOCADO: They are rich in vitamin E that improves the blood circulation and makes the follicles work more efficiently ultimately promoting the hair growth. If the oil and PH level increases then it clogs the hair follicles and stops the hair growth. Avocado oil maintains the PH and oil level. It is not only rich in vitamin E but also in monosaturated fats. You can eat it as a salad or blend it as a smoothie.

These diet works for everyone as it did for me. Try them out and you will not regret it. Rather you will flaunt your hair that will be as nice as the natural ones.

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