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Laser Treatments

Bring Back Beauty to Your Life with Laser Treatments

Laser treatments in a simplified form mean solutions for many problems with negligible pain and permanent satisfactory results. Indeed, these treatments are worth spending money!

laser treatment in jaipur

Let us take a quick glance at what laser treatment or laser surgery is?

Laser Treatment – A Definition

The laser procedures include a powerful laser beam to vaporize soft tissues in our body. Whereas the traditional surgery processes include a scalpel to cut tissues, the laser treatments give you the privilege of laser for vaporizing or removing the tissues which mean least or no pain!

Numerous bodily problems find an answer with laser treatments. Laser surgery helps you with skin rejuvenation, acne scar treatment, unwanted hair removal, unwanted mole removal, stretch marks removal and anti ageing treatment.

ALCS experts, headed by renowned plastic surgeon in India, Dr. Sunil Arora, begin each treatment with a detailed patient examination and confirm whether the patient is a right candidate for laser treatment or not. 

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Pregnancy, growth or sudden weight loss/gain are some of the major factors that cause stretch marks on your skin. If you are looking for maximum results in short time for these marks, you should try the laser treatment. This treatment repairs the collagen in our skin and shuts the damaged blood vessels leading to great and positive results in stretch marks. Many people use expensive creams and lotions for reducing stretch marks but the laser treatment gives optimal results. That’s the reason why this treatment is getting popular day by day, all across the globe.

Acne Scar Treatment

Severe acne leaves deep scars on your face. These scars are very stubborn and do not go away with common methods. The laser treatment for acne scars uses an intense beam that is passed through the different layers of your skin. It results in removal of dead cells and stimulation of new and fresh cells. The procedure not only treats acne scars well but also gives you a smooth skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic processes. Using hair removal creams or shaving methods not only consume lot of time to remove hair but also leave your skin rough and unattractive. Also, these methods are temporary solutions for removing hair. On the other hand, laser hair removal let you get rid of unwanted hair, permanently. Those who wish to get a beautiful, hair-free skin can go for this process. Also, those who suffer from excess hair on skin can also try this method. A powerful concerted light beam is penetrated into the hair follicles which results in the complete destruction of those hair follicles.

Anti Ageing Treatment

Laser treatments are the best solutions for saying goodbye to ageing signs. Wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin and other ageing signs make you look old and dull. Using laser treatment, you can turn back the clock of age in an easy way. These treatments rejuvenate and smoothens your skin along with diminishing the ageing signs. To get a young, fresh and lively appearance, you can opt for laser treatment on the advice of ALCS experts.

Laser Treatment : FAQ

It depends on several factors like which type of laser treatment is used, the affected skin area, severity of skin problem and of course, the fee of doctor. Your doctor can give you a tentative idea for the cost.
In some cases, one may experience little redness, swelling, inflammation and similar small effects. These effects are treated well with simple medication prescribed by your doctor.
The pain is almost negligible. However, when very sensitive patients feel more pain, it is subsided easily with pain medication as prescribed by the cosmetologist/dermatologist.
Most of the laser treatments do not require you to stay at hospital. In fact, generally, patients can leave the hospital on the same day of treatment. However, once the process is done, your doctor gives you the best advice about staying or leaving the hospital.

Laser treatments help you revive your skin in a gentle and painless manner. Moreover, the ALCS experts are always there to discuss your case with them. So, why not book an appointment with ALCS today to get a beautiful YOU tomorrow!