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Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that uses a laser to melt away fat under the skin. It’s also called laser lipolysis. ALCS offers the best Laser Liposuction Surgery in Jaipur.

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    Laser liposuction surgery is one of the popular techniques in liposuction surgery. It is also the most common cosmetic procedure for liposuction.

    This procedure used laser energy this is why it is called as Laser-assisted liposuction. local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia is used on the patients, to begin with, laser lipo. This type of non-surgical fat removal procedure also depends on the amount of fat that will be removed.

    In laser-assisted liposuction, a simple concept is used where the laser heats the fat and turns it into semi-soft making it easy to remove

    A fluid containing a mixture of saline, local anaesthetic and epinephrine (which constricts blood vessels and minimizes blood loss) is injected under the skin during laser lipo.

    It is followed by application of laser energy and fat suction starts through the cannulas which are inserted through a tiny incision.

    Laser lipo heats the skin cells and stimulates the production of collagens other than just softening fat. Ageing slows down the production of collagen which is the main structural protein found in the skin.

    Collagen production is promoted through laser energy which in return helps removal of fat and improve skin tone. Laser body sculpting is also a popular technique which is done on the most parts of the body where the fat is accumulated.


    Smart Lipo is a newer form of laser-assisted liposuction, it involves less risk and provides a safer alternative to conventional liposuction. It does not require the use of general anaesthesia which results in increased bleeding and swelling, as well as scarring in some cases.

    Due to this some patients who were rejected by traditional liposuction may be good candidates for Smart Lipo. The best candidates for Smart Lipo are those who are already fit and healthy but still have localized fat deposits that have not responded well to exercise and diet.

    Candidates who do not have serious health conditions and are still near their ideal body weight are the right candidate for laser lipo.

    Fat deposits on the hips, thighs, buttocks, waist etc that have not disappeared even after a lot of fat reduction diet and exercise methods are most likely to disappear after Smart Lipo or laser liposuction surgery.

    The best and most long-lasting results will be enjoyed by patients who stick to a healthy diet even after laser fat removal and exercise.

    Pregnant or breastfeeding patients should not opt for laser fat removal or laser assisted liposuction. Patients who are are consuming blood-thinning anti-coagulants have an infection or other health conditions are not allowed to undergo laser lipo.

    You can only opt for a smart lipo after you doctors approval otherwise not. You are required to provide your medical history and about your allergies etc before undergoing laser-assisted liposuction for your surgeon to have an overall idea of your health.

    Your surgeon will let you know if you are fit to undergo laser fat removal and you need to have a realistic idea of laser liposuction so that u do no expect a huge difference in a day itself.


    Light from the laser causes small “injuries” on the targeted skin with stretch marks usually in the size of the diameter of a hair shaft. During this process, skin without marks or healthy skin remains unaffected by lasers. Healthy skin creates a response to laser action in surrounding skin with stretch marks and begins the healing process. As a result of this process, collagen and elastin are stimulated for growth paving way for new skin. Soon, old skin with stretch marks is replaced with new, healthy skin without any marks.

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    Preparation for laser-assisted liposuction surgery includes:

    Laser Liposuction should be performed in an accredited clinic or licensed surgical facility like a hospital etc.

    You may need to bring along someone to drive you home after surgery or stay with you for at least 24 hrs post procedure. 


    The laser- or ultrasound- assisted liposuction cost depends on various factors such as the type of laser lipo the surgeon’s experience etc. the cost of laser fat removal also depends on the time and effort the procedure requires, as well as the location of the clinic or hospital.

    The cost of laser liposuction is higher compared to traditional methods of liposuction. Many cosmetic surgeons offer patients EMI and other financing plans to make laser lipo affordable for them.

    Cost of laser liposuction surgery is based on various body parts chosen by the patient or surgeon to perform laser lipo. This cost is based on the body part such as laser lipo cost for chin may differ from laser lipo cost of arms.

    Laser- or ultrasound-assisted liposuction costs may include:

    Cosmetic Surgeon’s fee

    Surgical facility costs

    Local or general Anesthesia fees

    Medication and prescriptions

    All other laser liposuction before and after costs if involved in laser-assisted liposuction procedure such as food and travel cost.

    When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for laser- or ultrasound-assisted liposuction, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the cost of the laser-assisted liposuction procedure.

    Most health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery hence it is necessary to check that your laser-assisted liposuction cost is covered under your medical plan.


    Laser liposuction surgery is known as one of the safest surgeries available for fat removal when compared to traditional methods.

    There is no denying that even laser-assisted liposuction comes with its own share of risks and complications but still its considered safer than other liposuction surgeries.

    Laser-assisted liposuction is a type of liposuction that promises fewer complications and claims that it could produce better results than the rest. It is less invasive and uses local anaesthesia.

    Laser lipo provides patients with faster recovery time and tightened skin after laser fat removal. Though the risks involved in laser-assisted liposuction are not seen much but may exist in rare cases.

    Patients recover from laser liposuction surgery faster and they are able to return to their normal daily activities sooner.

    A number of professionals have started providing laser-assisted liposuction after noticing the increasing demand or laser fat removal even without much experience.

    A lot of clinic and spas have come up with laser liposuction overnight without formal training resulting in complications.

    Among most practised liposuction techniques, Laser liposuction surgery is certainly one of the most popular fat loss treatments. It is one of the latest techniques of reducing stubborn fats but it is far from being safe or risks free.

    Laser liposuction also includes some complications that are present in traditional liposuction surgery. the danger of burns due to the heat produced by the laser is one of the common risks involved in laser-assisted liposuction.

    It happens due to long time exposure to the skin and the ends with a skin burn.

    Unlike traditional liposuction, laser-assisted liposuction does not cause excessive bleeding but it does have risks involved in skin burn or tissue trauma.

    This kind of treatment is done by unqualified surgeons may cause excessive bleeding or haemorrhage in extreme cases. There still arrives a question is laser liposuction safe? That still requires you to understand the following before coming to conclusion.

    Infection – any kind of tear or crack in the skin can expose you to various infections during or after laser-assisted liposuction surgery. The skin prevents foreign contaminants from entering the body.

    Sometimes the danger of infection does not end even after treatment. These Infections could also be due to poor hygiene or when the area is exposed to dirt etc after laser lipo.

    Anesthesia – It is administered to the patients in order to desensitize treatment areas and prevent pain during laser lipolysis or laser fat treatment the procedure. There are risks involved in this process not due to anaesthesia but with its administration.

    Skin deformities – After laser weight loss surgery or laser lipo could cause skin deformities. Wavy lines, depressions, bumps or lumps could be visible after treatment. Massive fat reduction, especially in areas near the skin, can cause a sudden imbalance and form waves or depressions.

    Loose skin – skin may become saggy or lose its elasticity after treatment. This is a common occurrence in treatments that remove huge volumes of fat. Double chin laser removal is used to take off that loose skin which is less elastic and more evident in older patients.

    However, one advantage seen in laser-assisted liposuction surgery over traditional liposuction is that the skin loosening is lessened. Proper technique and procedure is the key to reducing or eliminating loose skin after treatment.

    Choosing the most qualified and experienced surgeon is the best way to reducing the risks and dangers of any medical procedure. There are lots of medical professionals who may have the license to perform surgery.

    There is only a few highly skilled surgeon who specializes in a particular plastic surgery like laser fat removal surgery. Many patients make the mistake of opting for the cheapest laser liposuction treatment available and underestimate the risks involved in laser liposuction.


    Laser Liposuction procedure at ALCS Jaipur.

    Jaipur offers world-class cosmetic breast surgery facilities together with incredible services offered by the top cosmetic surgeons that are experienced and skilled.

    A good number of experienced and skilled nurse practitioners and laser liposuction surgeon in Jaipur are available for all types of laser liposuction surgeries.

    The ALCS specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for a laser liposuction surgery or not.

    In a perfect world, try not to be overweight by more than 10kg before liposuction and carry a steady weight is possible. Try not to experience the ill effects of any health conditions like diabetes, blood course infirmities, coronary illness or poor resistance.

    On the off chance that you intend to put on weight in not so distant future, either because of pregnancy or different reasons, experiencing laser liposuction surgery isn’t the best decision as of now.

    You should be at least 18 years or above in age on the off chance that you need to choose this laser fat removal surgery in Jaipur

    Laser Liposuction surgery in Jaipur is used to eliminate limited fat stores of the:

    Contact ALCS, Jaipur now to get beautiful, curvaceous breasts regardless of your age!

    ALCS Clinic offers best liposuction surgeon in Jaipur at economical costs.

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    The minimum time required is 30 minutes. However, this duration might increase depending on the affected area of stretch marks.

    Generally, people feel negligent amount of pain during the laser process. Your doctor will advise how to combat with this pain.

    Your doctor will examine you thoroughly and will tell you about the same. Generally, the older the stretch marks are, the more are the number of sessions required for the treatment.

    The cost is calculated considering various factors like type of laser treatment, number of sessions required, area of stretch marks, the doctor’s fee and several more factors. Your cosmetic expert can give you an approximate idea for the cost.

    Yes! Of course, it gives permanent results

    No complicated side effects are involved with it. however, sometimes you may feel little redness on inflammation that can be treated well through simple medication.