Laser Hair Removal- Is It Worth?

Women are always worried about their body hairs and most of the time get tired of waxing and shaving. Also, for some people, the hair growth is very quick and it becomes a headache to remove hair now and then in a short period. 

It is time to try something new in this world of technology and that is penetration your delicate skin with a hot laser. Is it sounding a little dangerous but no worries! Laser hair removal is a very good way of getting soft and smooth skin which is been opted by several women. 

Process of laser hair removal

The laser hair removal is a simple and easy process where the laser is vibrated on the skin for just milliseconds each time. As soon the beam of light emitted by the laser is passed in the skin it is converted into heat. The pigment melanin present in the hair follicles and shafts absorbs this heat and as a result of this, the hair growth is inhibited. 

But is laser hair removal surgery safe? The answer is, yes! It does not cause any harm to your skin. Though it also does not gives permanent hair removal but do cause reduction of the hairs permanently. 

Who is the best candidate?

The candidate having light skin and coarse and dark hairs is best for hair removal by laser as per said by the Institute of Laser Medicine in Los Angeles. The while and grey hairs have less pigment in them due to which it do not respond well to the treatment and red and blond hairs are not easily removed. 

The patients having their hairs lighter than the color of their skins, blond hairs, and the person with tanned skin could not go for laser hair removal. 

The candidates can get the treatment for their hairs on upper lips, chin, bikini area, underarms, and legs, these are the most common area where woman choose to have the laser removal of hairs. Everywhere except the eyelashes hairs could be removed with this treatment. The laser hair removal prices are cost-effective and do not charge you must. 

The candidate can have a painful experience and should keep themselves prepared for it. It feels like snapping of a rubber band on the skin at a high force. But once done gives you a silky skin by removing the hair growth. 

The laser hair removal cost

The laser hair removal cost depends upon the size of the treated area and time taken for the treatment. It varies mainly between1500 to 3000 per session. It takes a few session to get the hair removal done completely and paying that cost is much effective than spending money for a lifetime on waxing, hair removal cream, razors, and more. 

The laser hair removal cost also fluctuates with the skin type, texture, density of the hairs, and the hair growth causes. The cost may be more or less depending upon the hospital you choose and the city where you live. 

Is it worth having a laser removal surgery?

With its permanent result, the laser hair removal treatment is preferred by many women. Paying in thousands is always worth as it saves time and money for going to the salon every time. Once you get the required place treated there will be no need of shaving or waxing the next time. 

The procedure makes some woman hesitate towards having the treatment but they are less painful than electrolysis. It does not take more than 10 minutes for one session. There are certain laser hair removal side-effects like redness, skin infections, and irritation but could be treated easily with ointments and medicines. The side-effects are not seen in every person and its severity is also different from person to person. 

With the help of the hair removal treatment, many women got positive results and they found it worth paying the money. 

Why choose us?

The ALCS clinics are the most reliable place where you get the best laser hair removal done at a reasonable cost. We have the most advanced and latest equipment for the treatment and it also saves you from different laser hair removal side-effects. We have the best surgeons who work on every aspect of your skin for the treatment and helps in getting the best treatment for your skin. 

Let your razors and wax boxes go in dustbin and enjoy having a much better and smooth experience of your skin. 

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