Jaipur ALCS Center is One of India’s Prominent Clinics in the Field of Hair Transplantation

Dr. Sunil Arora has the best hair transplantation clinic in Jaipur that offers the best services. According to a survey, he is being considered as one of the best surgeons for undergoing Hair restoration procedure in Jaipur.  

A visit to ALCS actually gives you the chance to meet the top surgeon for hair transplant in Rajasthan. ALCS is conveniently located in the heart of Rajasthan- Jaipur, which is near to the airport. This offers easy access for hair transplants to patients across the world. 

Contact us today and we can give you further information about the procedure that you want to undergo. We promise to answer all your queries with patience. We serve patients not only from our country but also from the UK, USA, Europe, Nepal, and even Bangladesh. ALCS hair transplantation clinic stands for a skillful and creative approach with passion for care and excellence.

Hair transplant cost in Jaipur, ALCS

The hair transplant surgery cost depends on various factors. Some of the most important factors that affect the cost of a hair transplant procedure are-

  • Size of the recipient zone
  • The technique of hair transplant used
  • Number of sittings required
  • Experience of the hair transplant surgeon and a lot more.

One of the most popular myths about hair transplant is, “Hair transplant is unaffordable for a common people and it is just for celebrities”. But this is absolutely not true. The hair transplant cost in ALCS, Jaipur is quite reasonable if compared with the price of other cities.

In ALCS, Dr. Sunil Arora executes hair transplant procedure at a pretty affordable price so that common people can afford it. Most importantly, he uses the same clinical protocol, treatment procedure and delivers the best result for everyone, may it be a common people or a celebrity. 

About Dr. Sunil Arora

Dr. Sunil Arora is recognized as one of the best hair transplant doctors in Jaipur by all of his patients. This is undeniable that Hair transplant is not only a science, but it is also an art. He knows to blend both of it to restores your hairline and hair density so that it looks natural. A consultation for hair transplant with Dr. Sunil Arora can help you to understand all issues about the reasons for hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

We often take healthy hair for granted until it’s all gone. Hair loss can occur to both men and women and this can happen as a result of several reasons. The most obvious and common reason for hair fall is obviously aging, but hair fall starts to be a problem when it occurs at an early age. However, if your hair falls counts to 100 hairs a day, then it is considered to be normal. Hair may fall and regrow a lot of times in a lifetime. 

Most common reasons for hair loss:

Genetics- One of the most common causes of hair fall and hair loss has been noticed that you might have inherited from your family.  

Stress- May it be physical stress or mental stress, it can be counted as cause for hair loss. Stress and trauma can limit the supply of necessary nutrients and blood supply to your hair follicles and can lead to miniaturization and hair loss. 

Diet and Nutrition- Poor nutrition, rapid weight loss/gain, iron and protein deficiency or high consumption of fat can also lead to poor hair health. 

Medical conditions- Intake of certain medicines such as birth control pills, steroids can cause temporary or even permanent baldness. Chemotherapy is one of the most powerful treatments to destroys the cancer cells but this results in baldness. 

Lifestyle changes- Hormonal changes and imbalances can also cause temporary hair loss. Childbirth, pregnancy, menopause may also affect the hormone level and cause acute hair loss.

Aging- As we start aging, the hair follicles can deteriorate and result in hair loss. 

Treatments for hair loss

There are many treatments for hair loss that starts with medicines, lotions, shampoos, and even laser treatments. However, if the root of the hair is dead, none of these treatments can make hair grow again. The only effective treatment at this stage is undergoing a hair transplant procedure. 

For most the people, a good hair physician can help you to get back a head full of healthy hair and make you feel much young and confident.  The advantage of hair transplant procedure is that you can achieve absolutely natural looking hair that will last a lifetime. 

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