Is PRP Useful And Trigger The Growth Of Hair

If you are worried about your hair growth then there are now some of the advanced technologies which can help you! Hairs are an essential part of our body which gives our face attractive and the hair growth for women is really important as hair loss make them lose confidence in their personal as well as public life. The case same goes for the men facing hair baldness. 

 Who can save you? If there is a solution to every problem, this one also does have. Have you heard about platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) for hair growth? 

What is PRP?

The Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP injections are used by several doctors to help the athlete recovery from different injuries. It is also suitable for encouraging the quick healing process and also helps in reducing inflammation. These PRP injections are now also used for several other reasons including long growth of hairs. 

The less hair growth for women has been a big issue for years. PRP treatment is a good option for not only women but also hair growth for men. It is one of the perfect hair loss solutions which can help you restore your hairs. 

The hair problems could be seen early in life or even after the age of ’50s in some common cases. People can get the best PRP hair growth with the help of a good doctor who can help them with his treatment for better development of hairs. 

Adopting a treatment for PRP hair loss includes injection of your blood platelets in the scalp you are hard to have complications but some of the side effects are seen. 

Is it useful?

The treatment has proven successful in some of the basic studies in the model of animals which suggests that PRP improves healing in different bones and soft tissues. It is also studied by the scientists that PRP contains endogenic factors for growth and found that PRP hair growth treatment is quite effective. It helps in maintaining good hairs and sometimes it is combined with some of the medications and hair loss treatments for better results. 

Although the research presented is not enough to prove PRP hair restoration process but it has been used since the 1980s and works well for healing injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments. About 50% of the men are struggling to deal with their baldness and this PRP treatment could give effective hair growth for men.

How does it work in hair growth?

For PRP hair growth treatment, the surgeon first takes the blood from the person who is being treated. The blood sample is then put in a centrifuge or a similar specialized device so that the blood could spin in a high speed. In this process, the platelets are separated from the components of the blood and a concentration of platelet is received from the blood sample. This concentrated platelet is injected in the area to be treated. 

For good hair growth, PRP injections are injected in the scalp of the patient which increases the blood supply in the follicles thereby increasing the hair shaft thickness and length. 

The treatment of PRP hair loss is simple and a process of 4 to 6 weeks but helpful enough to give you positive results. The treatment is suitable and works well for the candidates who have good health and are not diagnosed with any of the health disorders. You should always be transparent towards your doctor and let him know about any medications, supplements, or herbs you take now or earlier.  

The PRP hair growth treatment is not an option for a person who smokes, drinks alcohol, chronic liver or skin diseases, cancer, metabolic disorder, thyroid disease, chronic infections, acute infections, and more. Taking proper consultation from your doctor is a must. 

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