Are you prepared to witness the life changing experience at our Clinic in Jaipur, India? yet the constant fear which we all encounter due to change in location accompanies you? Fear Not! There are many patients that fly from all over the world with problems and they fly back with happy healthy body. If you are the international patient than just follow the simple steps to a transformative journey.

Virtual Consultation

In order to turn your dreams into reality, go for the initial virtual consultation with the comfort of your home. This virtual consultation allows you to share information with our surgeons before you fly to India.

The goal of the consultation is to understand concerns, expectations of the patient, the preparatory stage, the costs involved and the recovery span.

All you need to do is send us clinical photos of the areas, what you expect from the surgeons and a brief medical history. Our Plastic Surgeons shall provide you with opinion on your requested procedure, and we will send you the complete assessment along with the estimate of costs involved.


Preparatory stage

Once we are on the same page, we can finalize on the costs and date of Surgery. Some radiological investigations will be done to determine fitness. We can complete with the rest of test once you arrive to respective centre.
You are having an easy option to book your surgery date to prevent any further hassles.

It is recommended to fly on a Medical Visa. Complete details from your end will be required if you intend to fly through medical visa. From we will send the letter of invitation addressed to the embassy to smoothen your visa process.

Travel & Stay

You will receive the transportation ones you have landed. The doctor will go through the detailed personal consultation. Every procedure will be planed before your arrival dates.

We have a 24×7 in-house facility which helps to make your stay hassle free. That way, doctor is easily available in case of any emergency. This facility is helpful if you are travelling alone.

We like to ensure you the quick recovery by the time you leave us, keeping international patients in mind we have chatted out the package (at the patient’s request) with a 7-10 day stay at the clinic all inclusive, & everything taken care off.

For foreign or non-local patients, there are various comprehensive packages available:

*Packages are available in Economy, 3 star and 5 star