As a rule, aesthetic plastic surgery is considered “elective surgery” and is mostly not covered by insurance plans. Fees for aesthetic surgery are paid before surgery. All fees are covered under post-surgery visits. Fees are explained to the patient at the time of their initial consultation.

Photographic Record

Pictures are taken before surgery to help plan procedure. These will be used as a useful guideline which the surgeon can use to plan and prepare for your procedure. In addition, postoperative photos are taken to enable you and the surgeon to evaluate the results from the procedure opted.

Informed Consent

You will be asked to review and sign a form, clearly stating the desired operation. This consent is a legal document and your authorization allows the surgeon to perform the surgery on the set teams.

Before you sign the consent form and set a date for surgery, see if your answer is YES to the following questions?

Weeks before and after surgery

if you are on any specific medications please clearly state the same during consultation.

The Night Before Surgery

Wash face and shampoo hair using an antibacterial soap (Dettol) and shampoo. For procedures like body contouring and liposuction, Betadine surgical liquid soap should be used on the day prior to surgery and on the morning of surgery.

If instructed, take pre-op medication. Do not eat or drink anything after 11:30 p.m. Except if the same is directed by our staff.

Follow Up Visits

We will schedule frequent follow-up visits after surgery, to confirm your healing. Follow up visits are for the surgeon to analyse your progress and assess any further needs you may require ensuring recovery. Please get in touch immediately if you notice any of the following during your recovery: