Impressive Liposuction Results to Learn From – With Before and After Photos

Impressive Liposuction Results to Learn From – With Before and After Photos

Often it happens that even after doing strict dieting and exercise you are still not able to get rid of that extra fat. Because sometimes these stringent diet and exercise, are not enough for you to get a perfect body. it happens commonly that you work hard to be in a good shape and shed off that undesired fat, but you don’t get any result.

The reason behind this is that both dieting and exercise won’t do anything If you have confined areas of fat deposition which are excessive and irregular in compared to the rest of your body. If you are also suffering from such condition and want to get rid of it, the last option which remains is to get help from Liposuction.

Liposuction, also known as lipo, is a kind of technique in cosmetic surgery that eliminates fat from your body and is also one of the most reliable and most famous cosmetic surgery.

Here we will be discussing some case studies of some impressive liposuction surgery.

  • A 29-year-old woman with height 5’2″ and weight 72 Kg went under liposuction surgery. Right from the starting, she had a practical image of results in mind.
  • She didn’t want a complete overhaul of her body, she just wanted a tummy tuck so that she can look good in body-fitting dresses. After consulting her goals doctors performed liposuction surgery on her abdomen and waist. Right after the surgery, she started seeing a significant difference. And the effect has gotten better with time.
  • A 32 years old businessman has tried everything for reducing the weight and get into better shape. He already had lost significant weight through massive diet and exercise, but after losing 50 pounds, he wasn’t able to lose more, so he decided to go for liposuction surgery to look slimmer. In this case, the patient wanted to get rid of the flabby stomach which he had a massive weight loss.
  • In his discussion with the surgeon, he was advised to go for a tummy tuck to get a tighter skin but he wasn’t ready for the tummy tuck surgery, he only wanted liposuction and was okay with the fact that liposuction alone won’t completely solve excess abdominal skin problem.
  • During the surgery, 4500cc of fat was removed from his abdominal area.The patient is very happy with the result and feels great.
  • A healthy 24 years old girl was bothered with the appearance of her tick legs and wanted to get slimmer ankles. She wanted to get it done with the best surgeon who is qualified and trained as she knew that ankles don’t have deep fat sections so the operation on the ankles is difficult to perform.
  • This is also because the back area of the knee has many blood vessels and nerves and the chances of nerve injuries are high. After finding a suitable doctor and she underwent liposuction. Local anesthesia was given to her and she was awake during the operation. The result was all she expected and she is satisfied with the surgery. Always select a well trained surgeon for such surgeries including high chances of risks.
  • A 30 years old mother wanted to get a tummy tuck after her 2 children. meant. She was physically healthy and had a stable weight, she just wanted to get rid of that protruding unattractive extra skin on her stomach. In her consultation, the doctor made her understand that the operation will flatten her stomach by taking loose, excess fat and skin away and will tighten muscles in the abdominal wall and It will also destroy most of the stretch marks in the lower abdomen left after the pregnancies.
  • She had options for Full Abdominoplasty, mini Abdominoplasty and Extended or High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty. With the guidance of the surgeon, she decided to go for Full Abdominoplasty.
    She was standing tall and confident in her new slimmer and sleeker body profile in a week.
  • A 28 years old lady decided to get rid of the small areas of fat in her body enlarge the size of her chest. Progress in liposuction and stem cell therapies have made the fat transfer to the breasts a famous and natural alternative. Results of fat transfer to the breasts depend largely on the survival of each patient’s fat cells.
  • The results were immediate. Though there was some swelling in the areas where liposuction was done to remove fat, the full results were visible in some days.

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