Importance Of Primary Consultation In Hair Transplantation

Importance of primary consultation in hair transplantation It is really important that the one who you are consulting is a plastic or a cosmetic surgeon. The hair restoration process has to be followed by the same set of rules that are undertaken in the process of enhancing looks by different procedures, therefore, a good surgeon is always needed for the hair transplant.

It is required that the scalp is evaluated correctly to know the main reason behind the hair loss, what is the current status of hair loss, and also the patient’s anatomical status which helps in identifying which technique is suitable for hair transplantation. There are a number of clinics for the best hair transplant in India where you can get the consultation for the hair loss problems and identifying its solutions.

The primary consultation has to be seen in the context of cost, the experience of the surgeon and the reputation of the clinic so that you could get the best treatment from the starting to end.

Here we describe the importance of primary consultation in hair transplantation:-


  1. The hair grade

When you go for the primary consultation to get the hair fall treatment of your damaged hairs the first thing which you get to know is the condition of the scalp. The scalp condition is particularly known in terms of the baldness grade and with its help, the cause of hair loss is easily identified.

If your hairs are damaged due to the spot baldness or Alopecia Areata then diagnosing them is not a big deal as it could be done with scalp biopsy and then the required treatment plan is initiated by the surgeon. In such conditions, the hair loss treatment could be done either by medication or by surgical treatment depending upon the severity of the case.

When there is spot baldness the surgeon initiates the surgical treatment only when there is good availability of the donor area. Therefore to go for the right treatment primary consultation is an important aspect not much but the hair transplant cost in India is also less to help the patient get the best treatment.


          2. Right technique depending upon future or early hair transplant

When you have the consultation with your surgeon you get to find out that which restoration technique is suitable for you to get the desired outcome the things which are included in the consultation phase of the hair transplant are :

 The overall health diagnosis of the patient so that while undergoing the treatment they are not prone to any type of risks and complication

 The scalp assessment process

 Considering the factors such as age, gender, NW-grade, the hair type and more

 The donor area stability and hair loss cause.

 And finally, after considering the above factors, the next step is selecting the technique for restoring the hairs 

All these are the important aspects which are really needed to know so that the newly grown hair gives you a natural and amazing look.



         3. Number of grafts required

 In the hair transplant treatment, it is seen that the number of donor graft required depends upon the factors like the number of hairs lost and what kind of results you are are expecting. This shows that going for the primary consultation let you know which treatment best for you by accessing the level of the hair loss.

About 4000 hair grafts are needed in the process of hair fall treatment but if the hairs are thick enough the graft required could become less. The hair density also needs to be considered before taking the graft count. If you have hairs of good density that with very less graft the transplantation could be done in the recipient area with the help of few grafts only. The hair transplant cost in India is Rs25 to Rs30 per graft. By getting your primary consultation correctly and choosing the right doctor without many efforts you can get the best hair transplant in India.



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So to get your primary consultation done right as it is vital for your treatment to be best and effective.

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