How To Prepare For Liposuction Surgery

With its popularity liposuction has become an often performed surgery among people willing to remove the excess fat from their body. But it should not be treated as a common procedure and people should try to give a special concern towards it. When you are preparing for liposuction surgery each step should be taken as said by your surgeon in order to have a safe treatment. This also lowers the chances of risks and gives you a smooth recovery.

Confirm your health details with your doctor clearly

It happens much time that by being afraid or feeling shy we don’t tell our doctors about the correct information they need to know. But for liposuction surgery, it is very important to tell your doctor about your medical history and health issues clearly. You should be honest and let the doctor know about the experiences of any of your surgery and also about the expected result after liposuction.

By knowing about your health and medical status, the surgeon can decide about the pre-surgery instruments and the type of liposuction best for you. Also, you will get the desired and effective results after liposuction by being honest during the period of consultation.

The medications which are harmful should be avoided

You must be taking certain medicines as part of your routine for one or the other medical issues. But at the time of liposuction surgery prior two weeks you need to stop taking medicines as advised by your surgeon. And along with this the diet before liposuction surgery should also be planned as your doctor says.

The harmful medicines should be avoided as some of them or other supplements and vitamin intakes can cause bleeding, poor healing, high blood pressure and more. You should not take the risk with your liposuction surgery.

Before liposuction avoid losing or gaining weight

When you are scheduled with your liposuction surgery you may feel like losing weight to see
better results. You should not change diet before liposuction as losing weight could be very
dangerous and it also affects the final result of your surgery. You should not go for an
elimination diet or other crash diets which may cause malnutrition or weakness at the time
of the surgery.

You should be very particular about your diet and also gaining weight can also give bad
results to your liposuction surgery such as swelling or other health issues.

Keep away yourself from smoking prior to the surgery

If you want yourself to have faster healing, no bleeding issues or other complication then
you have to keep yourself away from smoking. If you are preparing for liposuction surgery, you must also be clear with the things that are to be taken into the considerations before the surgery.Smoking should be avoided for at least two months that is one month before the surgery and one month after the surgery. This will help you to heal faster and have the desired weight loss.

What should be not done just a day before the surgery

Your doctor must let you about the following habits which should be not undertaken just a day or two days before you are preparing for liposuction surgery:
 The area needed to be treated with liposuction surgery should not be shaved. Shaving can cause in-growth of hairs after the surgery is done and due to this, there are great chances of infection.
 Take care about the possibility of one of your family member or friend come along with you for the surgery as you need someone to take you back home. You must not drive after the surgery as it can prove bad for your health.
 Don’t wear clothes which are not comfortable for you to wear after the surgery. Plan to wear loose clothes for the surgery to feel relaxed.

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