How to Mislead Hair Transplant Patients

Hair transplant surgery is a boon for the cosmetic industry as well as for those who are facing severe hair loss problem. Over the decade, the procedure has helped many. Hair transplanted enhances the overall appearance of a person and gives back the confidence that was lost due to balding.

Hair transplant industry is growing day-by-day and many different types of hair transplant procedures and techniques are being researched. Two types of hair transplant procedures are most common viz FUT and FUE. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a comparatively newer approach than FUT (follicular unit transplantation) or slit graft. FUE hair transplant is considered safer with lesser hair transplant side effects.

The surgeon has the best knowledge of which procedure would be beneficial for whom provided the surgeon is well trained and experienced. As the hair transplant industry is increasing, so are increasing fake hair care providers. These fake hair care providers mislead the patients by fancy advertisements and attractive discounts. One must always keep in mind that the best hair transplant is the one that provides the best long term results and not the one that are cheap and fancy.

The easy targets for such fake companies may be people who

 Get attracted by fancy discounts and ads.
 Do not have ample information about hair transplant procedure and hair transplant side effects.
 Do not go through detailed research before finalizing the transplant surgeon.
 Overlook the reputation of the hospital and the surgeon over the cost of the procedure.

Fake hair care providers give various false promises and argument to justify those promises. However, if you desired a pleasant hair transplant experience you must do a detailed study to justify what’s right and what’s not. The most common argument that these fake companies give are as follows:

1) Many hair care centers claim that they use a very modern technique of hair extraction. According to their arguments and promotional, they can extract multiple numbers of hair follicles using advanced techniques. They claim that this type of extraction has a higher success rate compared to the advanced FUE technique. However, no such technique better than FUE is known yet. 

2) Many hospitals proudly declare that they employ robots to carry on hair transplant surgery. However, the fact is that no robot has proved to be as good as a surgeon. Hair transplantation is a very artistic and skillful cosmetic surgery. It requires a proper study of hair fall pattern and the patient’s facial structure. The hairline made through the surgery must look natural to enhance the appearance. Thus, only a trained and experienced cosmetic surgeon may provide the best hair transplant.

3) Some of these fake hair care clinics mislead the patients that general anesthesia is essential for a hair transplant procedure. They assure that general anesthesia would minimize pain and hair transplant side effects. They say such a thing because they need their patients to be completely asleep so that the patient does not know who is performing the procedure, a surgeon or a technician. However, the truth is that only local anesthesia is required to successfully carry out a hair transplant procedure.

4) Some of the clinics and hospitals also assure the patient with a lesser surgery time. As they claim, they achieve this by simultaneously implanting the harvested grafts. However, all these claims are nothing but a trick to attract customers. Moreover, what matters more is perfection in the surgery and not the time taken in performing it.

5) Another great factor that may mislead a patient is the hair transplant cost. Hair transplant cost in India is generally between $5000 and $20000. If a clinic assures you a lesser cost, there may be some hidden cost. In even worse cases, the clinic may not be providing genuine transplant at all.

Many people realise, after hair transplant, that they have been fooled. This causes them financial as well as mental harm. To avoid such situations one must be alert and informed.

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