How To Define A Successful Hair Transplant Procedure

Everyone wants to have the best hair transplantation results. While going on with this discussion about a successful hair transplant procedure you must be clear with the term what is meant by success in terms of hair transplantation. The surgery in which only a small amount of hair follicles fails to grow is said to be a technically successful procedure but along with this, the client should get satisfied with the hair pattern seen after the transplantation. Technically successful but it may not go with their pre-transplantation goals.

So it says loud that the client’s satisfaction and the number of hair follicles successfully grown after the transmission from the donor site to the recipient site counts the hair transplant success rate of the hair transplant procedure. Though figuring this is quite complicated due to the subjectivity involved in such evaluation but all that matters to a surgeon is the patient’s opinion and satisfaction after the surgery.

You can see the success rate in nearly one year. You need to follow all the advice and therapies of your doctor to see hair transplantation results month by month.

Success rate as per hair follicles

The doctors consider 90% of the follicles successful transmission on the recipient site as one
of the best hair transplantation results. There could be a higher percentage for the determination of the success rate of this procedure like 95 to 98 percent, it depends upon the doctors utilizing an approach of detailed orientation where the needed grafts are removed carefully and gently preserved and transplanted on the bald area that is the recipient site.

Success rate as per the patients

The patient’s opinion about the best hair transplantation results varies from doctor to doctor and their years of experience and the technology they use. These two are the main factor which affects the success rate of the procedure. With the help of the latest technology and skills, they can put forward the best results to the patients.

The doctor and the patient can take out time and sit together to plan the hair restoration strategy. Through awaring the doctor properly by giving every minute to minute details you will have the best hair transplant success rate.

The factors making a hair transplant successful

For a patient who is already nervous about the hair, transplantation gets more confused about the procedure and the things which can increase hair transplant success rate. The conflicting information is too much out there to cause a patient to have doubts in their mind. The below-given points should be considered to have the best hair transplantation results:

 Healthy grafts

You can efficiently pack a good number of grafts in a small area but this practice can cause
increase blood circulation to the scalp resulting into not only unhealthy graft but also affects
the health of the newly transmitted hair follicles. Also, the grafts of the follicular unit appear
in the group of two, three, and four hairs. Discuss with your doctor to have smaller follicular
units to save the hairs from hair damage and their growth in the new location.
The hair transplant result timeline is of about 12-18 months. Till then you should wait and
let the follicular units grow well to give the best results.

 Minimal scarring

Whether you have one single linear scar by follicular unit extraction (FUT) or a large number of small incisions by follicular unit extraction, scars tend to have. But it should be taken into consideration that the incisions are small enough to have less scarring. For minimal scarring,
the surgeon should be skilled enough to have the surgery done with incisions as small as they can to give their patients the best hair transplantation result.

You can see your hair transplantation results month by month and with the known factors
for successful hair transplant you will get strong and beautiful hairs.

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