How To Decide If Liposuction Is Right For You?

Liposuction has become a common and known practice among the people who wish to have a contouring body with the help of surgery. it is an easier way to reduce weight with the help of liposuction as exercise and diet could take a longer time that too only if you do it regular and proper. The liposuction cost in India is also less which is making it more attractive to get a flatter and a healthier body.

What is liposuction exactly?

The surgical procedure to eliminate unwanted or excess of fats from the boy is called liposuction. The procedure is simple and could be used on different body parts like the thighs, abdomen, chin, neck, buttocks, backs and upper of the arm, and calves. Although In this surgical procedure, a small incision is made through which a hollow instrument namely cannula is inserted to break the fats and then the fats are removed from the body. The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and blood-clotting medicines to keep the patient safe from bleeding or increased pain.There are liposuction surgery side effectswhich should be considered, so it is better to have complete details about the surgery with your doctor and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

Are you a good candidate for liposuction?

A liposuction is a good option for those who have normal or nearly normal weight with some irregular fat deposits. But it is said to be a bad option for the people who are obese and are willing to lose weight, for such people diet and exercise is still the best option to avoid liposuction risks.

The other considerations are:

 A person who is under the age of 35
 The person should have elastic skin that is the skin which can conform to the new changes made through liposuction.
 The older people, who have an area with excess fat but loose skin

Is the treated area need to be treated again?

The liposuction surgery before and after results are very good however there are not much
liposuction surgery side effects but the chances that treated area may accumulate with the fat again. This is because the fat which is removed does not regenerate but the fats which are left after liposuction surgery may grow large in size.

What is the recovery period after the surgery?

The patient on the same day of the surgical procedure can go home but do need someone to take the patient home. You may feel like stressed or achy, stiff or something but the good thing is the liposuction recovery after surgery is faster and you can return back to your daily routine activities in a few days.

You should talk about the liposuction before and after effects to your doctor and according
to work as per the doctor’s note to recover faster. You can also use elastic undergarments for at least 3 weeks after the surgery which will give you comfort and helps in better recovery.

Cost of liposuction

The liposuction cost in India is $2000 to $4000 that is Rs.1,40,000 to Rs.3,00,000 and it can also go up to $7000. The cost mainly depends upon the number of area’s which has to be treated and its size as well. The type of technique used also put a great impact on the liposuction surgery cost.

The geographical area and the reputation, skills, and qualifications of the doctors also cause
the cost to vary. You should be well-aware about the liposuction cost in India at different hospitals before taking a step forward towards this surgery.

What are the risk factors involved in liposuction?

The liposuction is a safe procedure but there are certain risks involved in it. The liposuction risks are as follows:
 Severe bruising for several weeks
 You can have swelling for about six months till the incision is fully recovered.
 If you have poor skin then there may be unusual healing causing the skin to become wavy, withered, or bumpy.
 Liposuction surgery side effects may cause death due to the risk involved with anesthesia, blood clot, swelling, inflammation, and other complications.
To reduce your weight liposuction is a very helpful surgery and also as the liposuction cost in India is also affordable you can surely opt this option to have a healthy body and lifestyle.

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