How the Combination Technique (FUT+FUE) Can be the Best Decision in Hair Transplantation


Hair transplant surgery is one of the most popular and growing hair loss treatment. For men suffering from pattern baldness and women facing thinning of hair, hair transplant is like a ray of hope. When all the preliminary methods like medication etc fail to provide the desired results, hair transplantation may be an option.

Hair transplantation in India is growing at a high pace. This is due to the fact that a large number of health care centers and clinics offer hair transplantation. This increased availability of services has enabled the hair transplantation industry to grow and flourish. Another factor that influences the growth of hair transplantation surgery is the hair transplant cost in India. As the FUE hair transplant cost in India is quite affordable many national and international patients are attracted by the procedure.

Types of hair transplant techniques

 FUT hair transplantation: FUT stands for follicular unit transplant and is also known as slit grafting technique. This procedure is carried out by extracting strips of scalp skin. A long incision is made at the donor area of the head to extract a strip of scalp skin. The strip extracted consists of 5-10 hair follicles depending upon the hair growth at the donor site. The extracted strip is then cut into single hair grafts and then transplanted to the recipient areas of the head. This technique is highly safe and yields very good results. However, the incision made to extract the strip needs to be stitched and leaves a scar even after complete recovery.

 FUE hair transplantation: FUE stands for follicular unit extraction an. In FUE transplant, a large punch is used to extract individual hair follicles from the donor site. The extracted hair follicles are then transplanted to the recipient area. No incision and thus no scarring is associated with FUE hair transplant. However, tiny holes can be seen at the donor site.

 Combination technique (FUT+FUE): This technique is a newer approach to hair transplantation technology. In specific cases, both FUT and FUE approaches are used, at the same time, for extraction which results in higher yields of hair follicles. Such an approach is referred to as combination technique. This type of approach is used in the following cases:

  1. When the patient is suffering from acute baldness and the donor area is either very less or has very scarce hair growth. In such situations, combination technique may yield a higher number of hair follicles for transplantation.
  2. When the patient expects a higher volume of transplanted hair. To meet such a requirement, the surgeon needs a higher number of hair follicles which cannot be obtained by using a single approach. Thus, a combined approach is used to fulfill the requirement.
  3. When the surgeon is performing a revised hair transplant. In cases of revised hair transplant, the surgeon needs to correct the previous transplant and at the same time carry on extraction for a revised transplant. Combination technique may provide the desired outcome in such situations.

Combined technique procedure

Combined technique hair transplant is carried on after a deep study of the degree of baldness, the health of the donor site and the desired results. Typically, a combined technique surgery takes around 7 – 8 hours to finish. Hence, such hair transplant sessions are known as Mega Sessions.

To start, FUT is applied to extract a strip of scalp skin from the safe donor site. This enables the surgeon to have higher number of hair follicles for transplantation. The increase in the number of graft ensures higher sustainability and better results.

FUE is then used to extract hair follicles from both the safe as well as unsafe donor areas; this is considered safe as FUE already comes with a limitation that consecutive punches must have a certain distance.

After the extraction is completed, the further procedure for both the techniques is almost similar and is used for combined technique too.

Why choose us?

The success rate of combined technique depends largely on surgeon’s experience and skill. ALCS has trained surgeons who have a deep knowledge of both FUT and FUE procedure. ALCS is also budget-friendly. Although, the hair transplant cost for combined technique is slightly higher than FUE hair transplant cost in India, ALCS guarantees its clients value for their money.

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