How Mega Session Can Help in Norwood 7 Patient?

There are a different pattern of male baldness and a Hamilton-Norwood scale is used to classify the different stages of the pattern of the male baldness. The stages start from 1 to 7 which let the patient know the severity of the baldness and the treatment they need to have for the hair growth. The worst stage is Norwood 7 where the hairs are only left on the back and sides of the head with low-density hair forming a horseshoe pattern.

Are you a Norwood 7 patient?

Do not worry a Hair loss treatment can get back your hairs and give your face an attractive and natural look. Many people got proven results by having a hair transplant without many complications and risks.

The FUE mega session technique

For the Norwood 7 patient, the FUE transplant technique is helpful. When a large density of hairs about thousands and more are transplanted in a day or two consecutive days it is known as the Mega session. The Norwood 7 patients require Mega FUE session which helps the patient to get more transplant done in a short period of time.

With the new technology and the latest instruments, it has now become possible to get the hair transplant done just in a single visit not like earlier when there used to race against time in order to get the hair transplant session. And also these new technologies give you better hair growth just as you always wish to have.

The procedure is simple in which the hairs are extracted from the back side of the head with the usage of local anesthesia and special instruments and then transplanted at the recipient area. With the help of a mega session, the Norwood & patient can easily expect to have about 1500 grafts transplanted approximately. Along with mega session, there is also a Giga session where about 3000-5000 grafts can be transplanted. According to the requirement, you can consult your surgeon to let you know which FUE hair transplant that is mega or Giga is preferable to have a transplant.

The advantages of FUE mega session

The advantages of having an FUE done by the technique of mega session mainly depends upon how well the surgery is performed by the surgeon. It is essential to have an experienced and trained team to get the transplant done successfully. The clinics and the staff also plays an important role as there should be all the latest instruments present at the clinic to handle all type of emergencies and help the patient with the best hair transplant.

Let us see what advantages you get by having a FUE transplant:

 Treatment is done in fewer sessions
 In a single session, it is possible to transplant more grafts as compared to other techniques like FUT/Strip operation

 The healing period is short and the patient could get back to the normal routine without many efforts.
 Mostly all the progressed stages of Norwood scale baldness like Type 5A, Type 6 and Type 7 and also other larger zones could be treated with the help of FUE hair transplant.
 There is better management of the donor site with FUE mega session technique.
 The technique is safe with fewer risk of complications.
 The treatment is done at an affordable price as the treatment is done in a single session.
 Fewer scars are seen after the surgery in either the donor or the recipient area.

Why choose us?

We at ALCS have the best team of surgeons and hospital staffs to give you the desired result expected from a hair transplant treatment. We believe that every patient have different needs and requirement and it is our responsibility to meet their demands. We have about 5000+ happy clients and counting more.

With our experience of 15 years we give the best FUE hair transplant for Norwood 7 patient and also the other treatments are done with possibly best results. The modern infrastructure and the latest instrument has made our patient’s trust ALCS team of surgeons which gives us the confidence to help our patients with the best and productive treatments.

The Norwood 7 session should always go for the mega session as there are more grafts to be transplanted and with this technique, it saves a lot of time as well as money of the patient. Stop worrying and get the hair loss treatment done with the help of the best experts at ALCS for any type of baldness.

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