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Let’s be honest, who does not like a head full of thick, healthy and naturally shining hair? That is an eternal wish of every human being, be it male or female. Equally true, though, is the fact that not all of us are blessed with the same. Add the ever increasing pollution and lifestyle related stress to the mix and you know why most of us are facing permanent hair loss.

While it is common to search “Plastic Surgeons around me” on Google for any alteration that you want in your appearance, how many times have you done that for your hair? Surprised? Did you know that hair transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure and some of the best plastic surgeons in the world perform this procedure?

Good news, eh? Now you know that you can get a solution to your hair fall problems, if only you can afford to travel and meet the best surgeon in the world to do so! Not really! Now you have the best facilities in the world right here at your doorstep, in Jaipur itself. You can visit the ALCS center any time and get a consultation about the high-density hair transplants being performed there, that too by the best cosmetic surgeons!

Intrigued? So what exactly is this high-density hair transplant? It is an ever increasing trend in the world of hair transplants, with more and more patients asking for the same. As you might be aware that the hair transplant procedure involves taking hair follicles from your own scalp, where the growth has high density and grafting it on to another part of the scalp, where the growth density is low.

With high density hair transplant, the expectation is to get a higher density of transplants on the recipient area. Normally, the transplant procedure results in anywhere between 30 to 40 follicular units being transplanted per square centimeter of the recipient area. With high density transplants, the number of transplanted units goes up drastically to anywhere between 60 to 65 units per square centimeters.

As you can well imagine, such a result is possible only with some of the best plastic surgeons in the world, as it is a fairly involved procedure and requires a lot of skill. You will be happy to know that such a difficult procedure is now available in Jaipur, with the best facility, doctors and some of the most technologically advanced equipment.

Why Choose ALCS & Dr. Sunil Arora?

There are a number of reasons why you should make this choice. Here are a few that we think you may find relevant.

Experience and Expertise of our Surgeons: At ALCS Jaipur, we have some great professionals working with the best surgeon in the world, Dr. Sunil Arora. 

If you do a random search on your device mentioning, plastic surgeon near me, Dr. Arora’s name would be one of the first to pop up. This, in itself, is proof of Dr. Arora’s popularity based on his exceptional skills as a plastic surgeon.

With a professional experience spanning decades and awards like the Ethicon Cosmetic Surgery Travelling Fellowship in his repertoire, Dr. Arora is a gifted surgeon who is very particular about the aesthetic aspect of his profession. 

Affordability: Once you are reasonably confident about the expertise of our doctors, the next thing that may bother you is the expected cost. However, with ALCS, you need not worry about even that aspect. The value that you get for your money at ALCS is incomparable to any of its competitors. No hidden fees and clear expectation setting right at the time of consultation will help you make up your mind. The fees is charged at a per graft basis and you can rest assured of the best services at all times.

Medical Facilities: While the surgeons and the cost are very important in taking a decision such as getting a transplant, it is equally important that you consider the facilities of the place, where the procedure will be carried out. From the hygiene and safety and security practices, to the technically equipped Graft Cutting room and fully equipped recovery rooms, ALCS has everything that you may want in a facility.

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