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Hair transplantation is a good option for those women who discover that they have weak hair growth.
ALCS offers the best Hair Transplant for Women in Jaipur.

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    Most Men and women are similar but also very different. This is true with hair loss as well. The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is called androgenetic alopecia.

    Androgenetic alopecia is most commonly known as male or female pattern baldness. This type of hair loss typically follows the same pattern and is caused by a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

    For men, the hormone is a conversion of testosterone. For women, it is a conversion of estrogen. The hairs on the top of the scalp are the follicles that are affected by the DHT and will fall out.

    The similarities end there though, and the differences between how men and women lose hair mean that we need a completely different strategy to treat each person’s hair loss.

    Hair Transplants for women
    Since women’s hair loss patterns differ from that of men, their hair transplant is done differently.

    Due to sudden hair loss in women, they notice hair fall on other parts of their scalp unlike men which is mainly on the hairline, their transplant process is different.

    Hair follicles cannot be harvested from the back of a woman’s head since this area tends to be predisposed to thinning of hair. Hair shifted through hair transplant surgery for women from such areas would just fall out.

    Also, most women tend to keep their frontal hairlines as it is but suffer thinning hair loss in the centre of their scalps.

    Most women benefit from hair transplants which are primarily done to restore their sudden hair loss in volume, rather than frame their faces. As in the case of a female hair transplant, your surgeon will employ the Follicular Unit Transfer technique.

    After all hair, fall treatment for women fails there is one thing that can help, that is a hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant for women has been going on since the 1950’s in the USA.

    It is a simple hair surgery that moves your hair follicles you already have to cover a bald or patchy area that has lost hair or has no hair. There has been a various technical advancement in the hair transplant surgery procedures since then.


    Hair regrowth for women is not possible for most women hence hair transplant is required. Hair transplantation procedure involves taking out a small patch of grafts from the hair-bearing scalp or a dense piece of the scalp from a donor area and dividing this into smaller pieces to use as grafts.

    These hair grafts are then moved to a bald or thinning area of the scalp to cover up. The hair grafts created in this manner often differ in shape and size. circle-shaped grafts usually contain about 10-15 hair.

    The much tiny mini-graft contains between two to four hair, and the micro-graft contains one to two hair. The Slit grafts, which are inserted into slits created in the scalp, contain up to 10 hair each; strip grafts are longer and thinner and often contain up to 40 hair.

    More than one hair surgical sessions may be required to achieve desired fully dense hair, and a healing period of several months is necessary between each session. It may take up to two years before you see the end result with a full transplant course.

    The amount of hair transplant you’ll need is mostly dependent upon the colour and texture of your present hair. Coarse, grey or light-coloured hair result in better coverage than fine, dark-coloured hair.

    The number of hair grafts transplanted in the first session varies from one individual to another, but the average is about 50. For mini- hair grafts or micro- hair grafts, the number can go up to 700 hair grafts per session.

    Just before hair transplant surgery, the “donor area” is cut short so that the hair grafts can be easily located and removed. For punch hair grafts, your cosmetic surgeon may use a special tube-like carbon steel made instrument that is used to punch the round hair graft out of the donor area so it can be shifted to the area that needs to be covered.

    In the majority of the hair transplant surgery cases, it’s the frontal hairline that needs help. For other types of hair grafts, your cosmetic surgeon will utilize an instrument called a scalpel to extract small sections of hair-bearing scalp, which will be further divided into tiny sections and transplanted into tiny holes or slits within the scalp.

    When hair grafts are taken, your cosmetic surgeon for women may timely inject smaller amounts of saline solution into the scalp to retain proper skin strength. The donor site holes may be sealed with stitches.

    If a hair fall treatment surgery for women requires a punch graft, a single stitch can close each punch site. For other types of hair grafts, a tiny, straight-line scar will be present at the end result. The stitches are usually concealed with the surrounding hair.

    Hair transplant treatment requires a cosmetic surgeon to maintain a healthy blood circulation in the scalp, the hair grafts are placed about one-eighth of an inch from other hair graft.

    During the later sessions, the spaces between the hair will be filled in with additional grafts. Your cosmetic surgeon will take great care of the hair loss clinic in removing and placing the hair grafts to ensure that the transplanted hair should grow in a natural direction. Hair transplant surgery is done in a way that the hair growth at the donor site is not adversely affected.

    Post the hair grafting session is complete, the scalp is well cleaned and covered with gauze. You may be required to wear a pressure bandage for initial two days post surgery. Some hair treatment surgeons may allow their patients to recover bandage-free.


    A lot of hair restoration clinic off tissue expansion procedure. It is another type of hair technique used in the hair fall treatment for baldness which is called tissue expansion.

    Most hair transplant plastic surgeons are expert in tissue expansion surgery. Tissue expansion surgery is a procedure commonly used in reconstructive surgery procedures to repair burn-related wounds and injuries where there is a significant skin loss.

    It is used during hair transplant surgery to attain a significant coverage of the bald area in a relatively short amount of time.

    In this hair regrowth technique, a tissue expander is inserted beneath hair-bearing scalp that is present next to a bald area. The tissue expander is gradually inflated with saline liquid over a period of weeks, causing the skin to expand and grow new skin cells. This usually causes a bulge beneath the hair-bearing scalp, especially after a few weeks.

    The next step for a hair regrowth treatment takes place when the skin beneath the hair has stretched enough which usually takes about two months post the first operation. Later another tissue expansion procedure is performed to bring the expanded skin to cover the adjacent bald or patchy area.

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    Flap surgery is been successfully performed for more than a decade.This hair transplant for women procedure is capable of covering large bald areas quickly.

    It provides a customized hair fall treatment surgery for every patient. The overall size of the flap used in this surgery and its placement are mainly dependent upon the patient’s goals and needs. One flap can finish off the work of 350 or more punch hair grafts.

    A particular area of bald scalp is cut out and a flap of already hair-bearing skin is lifted off the surface while it is still attached at one end. The hair-bearing flap is relocated to a new level or position and stitched into place while its still attached to its original blood supply.

    As you recover, you may notice that the scar starts getting camouflaged or somewhat similar to your normal skin which is around your relocated hair, which grows to the very edge of the incision.

    In recent years, plastic surgeons have made significant advances in overall hair fall treatment for women. This includes advancement in flap techniques, combining flap surgery and scalp reduction procedures for better coverage of the crown. Using tissue expansion procedures is done to provide better I frontal hair coverage and a more natural looking hairline.


    This scalp reduction technique is sometimes referred to as a more advanced flap surgery because sections of hair-bearing scalp are pulled towards the front to fill in a bald crown.

    Scalp reduction surgery is done most hair transplant clinics to cover bald areas at the top and back of the head during a hair transplant for women procedure.

    It’s not meant or used much for covering frontal hairline. post the scalp injection is done with a local anaesthetic, a part of bald scalp is plucked out. The pattern of the section of removed scalp varies widely, depending on the patient’s goals.

    If a large amount of coverage is required, a cosmetic surgeon just removes a segment of the scalp in an inverted Y-shape format. Excisions may also be U shaped or a pointed oval.

    The skin adjacent to the cut-out area is loosened and stretched in a way that the sections of the hair-bearing scalp can be brought together and closed with stitches.

    It’s most likely that you may feel a strong tugging at this point, and occasional pain at the hair transplant surgery clinic which may fade away till you walk out.


    Before arriving at the hair clinic the candidate for hair transplant surgery, women should have some visible hair loss effect along with healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head which could serve as donor areas.

    The results of hair transplant surgery can enhance your appearance and self-confidence.


    Your search for “best hair transplant clinic near me” may help you reach ALCS Jaipur. It is one of the best hair clinics that provide high-quality hair fall treatment for women.

    The ALCS hair fall specialists will look at you well and select you on the basis of whether you are the correct contender for hair transplant surgery or not.

    You are considered perfect if you have a dense hair on your head that suits your personality. Most hair restoration clinic or hair replacement clinic like ALCS Jaipur provide best hair fall treatment for women. Most women are considered the right candidate for a hair transplant surgery.

    On the off chance that you are in your early 20’s, you may be considered as not a suitable candidate for a hair fall treatment or hair transplant surgery until you are in your late 30’s.

    Hair transplant surgery procedure in Jaipur is done at one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur ALCS which is headed by Dr Sunil Arora. There are various Hair transplant surgeons in India but very few well-experienced ones.

    One of them is Dr Sunil Arora from ALCS Jaipur. He has an experience of over 16+ years of performing cosmetic surgeries hair transplant surgery, hair restoration treatment for women, hair replacement surgery for women in Jaipur.

    When it comes to one of the best hair clinics in Jaipur and the entire state of Rajasthan, ALCS is considered as the top choice for hair transplant surgery in Jaipur due to their experience and affordable hair fall treatment for women in Rajasthan.

    The very first step for getting a hair fall treatment for women in Jaipur is to take a consultation appointment at ALCS.

    Meet Dr Sunil Arora and let him know what you have in mind regarding your hair transplant surgery plans, size of the area that needs to be covered with hair grafts or any other query.

    After listening to you and examining your hair he may come up with the best realistic plan to move forward with your hair fall treatment for women.
    Dr Sunil Arora has received various prestigious awards due to his expertise in the field of cosmetic surgery and hair treatment in Rajasthan.
    He was felicitated recently with “Visionaries of Rajasthan“ award, by India Today Group on 27th May 2016 for his Excellency.

    At ALCS, you can expect to get a safe and effective hair transplant techniques in Jaipur under the best plastic surgeon in Rajasthan.

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