Few Tips to Style your Hair after a Hair Transplant Surgery

Few Tips to Style your Hair after a Hair Transplant Surgery

Loss of hairs, both for adults as well as teenagers, is a matter of real concern. I have gone through this concern and also made it go away. Since the day I started noticing that I have started losing hair, I tried what not to stop this, I went for home remedies and chemical products and hair loss treatment too, but sometimes its already too late for them to work their magic on your hair. And as I was still very persistent about the idea of growing my hair back, hair transplant came as the last option for me to restore the full volume of hair on my head. And as soon as I got my hair transplantation, I wanted to style my hair right away, and you would like to do the same. Here I will be sharing some tips to style your Hair after a Hair Transplant Surgery. So let’s get started.

1.) Before using any kind of styling or heating products on your hair, you should wait a couple of weeks after the transplantation, for the safety of your hair and scalp. Give your scalp some time to heal from the surgery before imperiling it to heat and hair cosmetics.

2.) If you want to go for a haircut right away after Hair Transplant, it is advised to wait for two to three weeks before going for even trim your hair. But if you want to opt for a drastically short look you should wait longer. With the growth of your hair, you can decide any changes in your hairstyles and then chop it off to see what suits you the best.

3.) Choose such Clinic for your hair transplant surgery, which will guide you through the aftercare and specific styling options for you. And which also provides aftercare that will make sure that your new hair is in the best possible condition.

4.)With the new hair, you might take some time getting used to it. It will take some months before your new hair is apparent, so initially focus on styling on the hair you already have. After the growth of the new hair, you may notice that you need to somewhat change the style of your hair to support the growth of new hair.

5.) After about two weeks of the surgery, you can start applying hair gel, hair spray, or mousse to keep your hairstyle in place. Before using it ask your dermatologist whether it will be safe for you to start or not. Mousse is said to be especially helpful after a hair transplant surgery, as it will create volume and make your hair look fuller.

6.) As any other application on your hair, Hair Dyes and Other Chemicals should also not be used at least for three weeks following hair transplant surgery. Because at the early time, transplanted hair follicles are normally more susceptible and might respond in surprising ways to the chemicals present in dyes or other products. If you want to change the color of your hair or touch up the roots, you can dye the hair a few weeks before the surgery.

7.) You should not shampoo your hair immediately post the hair transplantation surgery. Your team of the doctors will guide you more but in many cases, it is usually recommended not to shampoo for at least two days. This is recommended because, even if your shampoo is the most gentle, organic and sensitive type, it might bother your scalp and new grafts. Even after your doctor gives you the go-ahead sign to shampoo your hair, always remember to use a mild and gentle formula product for ateast the first two weeks. You can also use Baby shampoos as they don’t contain any additives or harsh ingridients in them. Sometimes anti-dandruff shampoos can irritate your scalp, so before using an anti-dandruff shampoo talk to your doctor’s team.

7.) Be patient as you wait for your new hair to grow in because the new permanent hair will take time to grow and will start coming in after three to six months and should make your scalp full of hair within some months.


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