Hair Transplant Success Stories

Hair transplantation is a rapidly evolving field where hair restoration surgeons are trying to find newer methods to improve the graft yield and improve the overall final aesthetic result of hair restoration procedure. Traditionally, hair transplantation utilizes harvesting of follicles from safe donor area of the scalp and transplantation of these follicles in to the balding areas on the scalp. To treat extensive cases of baldness with poor donor scalp is also treated by a suggestive option by transplantation of body hair in to the scalp. Hair treatment in Jaipur is suggested for chronic hair fall.

Body hair transplantation is a new surgical technique also used for hair restoration. By the concept of recipient influence the scientific basis for the procedure is provided, which suggests that dermis in the recipient area may exert influence on the growth pattern of transplanted hair and hence when body hair is transplanted on to scalp, it would grow longer, thicker.

Extraction method is the procedure performed which produces very small scars, and body is a cosmetically less significant area, body hairs can help to provide an alternative source of donor hair in selected patients. Hair treatment is trending and highly recognised in Jaipur. This is particularly seen in Indian patients, who do not expose body in public as sunbathing so common in the west, is not popular in Indians. Body hair indeed can be a valuable alternative source in patients who lack scalp hair is an additional proof given according to our reports.

India is growing to be one of the most favorite destination for hair transplant these days because as per report the cost of hair transplant in India is about 20-25 percent of the cost of hair transplant in western countries like the Europe or America with the success rate is more than 95%. Many national, international patients prefer india to get a hair treatment in Jaipur because of low cost with high success rate of natural hair restoration. To regain their full head of hair without having to be hounded by any reminder, a scarless hair transplant certainly gives hair loss sufferers a chance.

FUT was developed with the goal of producing a more natural-looking hair transplant results if compared to the hair plugs used in the past. The surgeon removes a strip of the scalp from the donor site of the patient’s head, With FUT. Viable hair grafts can be found in the occipital area is the head.The surgeon stitches the incision after the strip is removed, while a hair technician then carefully removes each hair follicle using a high-powered microscope. Then each graft is then implanted into the balding site by the surgeon.

So now you know where and how the scar comes into the picture. Depending on the amount of hair to be used, sometimes this can extend from ear to ear. This linear scar can be visible for those guys who wear their hair really short. It’s funny but it is going to look like having a large smile at the back of the head.

To answer to the aesthetic limitations of FUT, over the time hair restoration experts introduced
FUE. FUE also removes hair from the same site however this approach uses a stainless instrument that has a hollowed centre in order to punch a clear circle around the hair follicle. Each hair graft is removed directly from the scalp, with FUE. An FUE will have very tiny dots or depressions all over the donor site and it may not be totally

scarless. But because of the small size, it can be pretty difficult to see. Those who are sporting shorter hair, it is also easier to conceal.

Compared to the FUT process, the trauma that is introduced in a FUE procedure is relatively minor. There are lesser chances of infection and the healing time is faster. Now why do we mention infection? Infection can delay healing which can be a good way to form scars after a hair transplant, thus infections a better way to avoid scar formation.

FUE also has its limitations although we might say that it provides better aesthetic result. The reason to prevent damaging the hair follicles during extraction, this procedure yields lesser coverage compared to FUT. Those who only require smaller hair coverage, this approach is best for them. For an FUT, mega sessions would have to be put off.

A good surgeon is the only secret to having a ‘scarless’ procedure, or may have one that is made so neat that it will be less visible. To know about the board-certified surgeons, find the time to skim through every resource that you can get your hands on who were able to deliver impressive results proven by before and after photos and testimonials.

Many famous bollywood actors and celebrities have undergone hair transplant. The below mentioned celebrities are all who have undergone successful hair transplant,

1 Amitabh bachan
2 Kapil sharma
3 Salman khan
4 Akshay kumar
5 Govinda
6 Vivek oberoi
7 Sanjay Dutt
8 Himesh Reshammiya
9 Abhijeet Bhattacharya
10 Akshay Khanna
11 Mahesh Babu

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