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Getting new patients to a clinic requires increasing its online presence across various digital channels. Nowadays, everyone including the doctors have also understood the importance of good online presence for getting the more patients and also retaining the existing ones.
With ease of availability of information online has changed the way patients deciding on which treatment to take by conducting their own research through which they make their own decisions while choosing any treatment option. However, it’s crucial to understand: to increase the visibility online or boost the digital presence make your website SEO friendly as well as put some digital ads to make people people about your clinic.

Here are top 5 listing platforms for hair restoration  

1. Google Business Listing: Needless to say, Google is one of the top most search engines. People looking for any treatment in a particular locality will first navigate their search in Google. They will put some keywords such as “Hair transplant in India”   “Best hair transplant surgeon” or “hair transplant reviews”. Thus, it is very important for every doctor to claim local listing in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are high chances that people can reach your website when the page is listed in these search engines.

Pros: Google is the world’s largest and popular search platform. No need to pay for displaying the search of doctors to patients. Paid listings are clearly marked as such. Good credibility among the users and genuine reviews which can’t be manipulated.
Cons: No cons available.

2. Just Dial: Just Dial is another largest listing online platform in India with 16.3 million listings and 68 million reviews. It provides search services on web, mobile, phone etc. The clinic listing services are available based on the locations and hair restoration reviews.

Pros: Largest database of listings including doctors in urban as well as rural areas.Widely used service catering the consumer needs.

Cons: The paid listing and better rated listings are displayed with same measure which creates a conflict of interest.Well-known to show geographically irrelevant entries e.g., search for a doctor in your city it may display a doctor hundreds of miles away.

3. Practo: It covers the listing of online doctors of about 58 cities & towns in India. You can also book appointment online for doctors after checking the reviews and the fees as well.

Pros: Good  for doctors search Due to good online presence, many patients are aware of it.

Cons: It must show the paid listings higher than the better-rated listings.High investment done to ensure patients keeps coming to it for their medical need. 

4. Lybrate: A good platform to find doctors in India and for online consultation for any medical assistance. Patients can ask health queries, book appointment and get useful health tips.

Pros: There are more chances of conversions as it starts with patient’s query and some engagement with doctors. Good for specialized doctors search.

Cons: More investment done to ensure patients keeps coming to it every time they have a medical query. Due to this, many times the patients who come to you via Lybrate may go to another doctor next time based on several factors. 

5.WhatCLinic: is a search engine that offers the opportunity to promote your medical services to a worldwide audience. The facilities, services and materials available is owned and operated by Global Medical Treatment Limited trading as which is an Irish registered company.

Best Practices you should follow while using Listing Platforms

 If you’re looking to list your platform online, you need to consider some points:Never use the same provider for the listing platform and for practice management software. While listing platforms provide good information to the new patients, try it out for few months and then extend every two months. Check whether you are getting new patients. Do not pay for longer term.Try multiple listing platforms on the same basis. Convert your regular patients to your ambassadors with the help of practice management software. Also, make sure that such software shouldn’t have its own listing platform so that there’s no conflict of interest.Therefore, in order to safeguard your long-term interests and to strengthen your online presence, every doctor should enter their existing patients’ data in such software that does not have a listing platform. For getting new patients, they can certainly experiment with all listing platforms and continue based on upcoming results. 

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