Hair Transplant Results At ALCS

  1. Introduction

Having a head full of natural and healthy hair is the ultimate dream for almost every human. From the initial days of the hair transplant procedures, which made the transplants look completely artificial to now when hair transplant results are so natural that people may not even be able to make out that you had one – the entire procedure has come a long way.

This is no less than a miracle for those suffering from a permanent hair loss. Now, getting back your mane and carrying it with pride is well within reach. Even though everyone claims to produce good results, the best hair transplant results can be decided by a number of factors – first and foremost by the surgeon who is going to perform your surgery.

Results depend largely on the surgeon you select

It is important to understand that Hair Transplant is also a medical procedure and therefore needs to be performed by a certified and professional plastic surgeon. For the best hair transplant results, it is imperative that you find the right doctor. What are the things you should look for, when you want a surgeon to give you good results after hair transplant? Here is an indicative list

  • Qualification and Certification
  • Membership of different societies and medical associations
  • Knowledge and Experience of conducting the type of surgery you are looking for
  • Aesthetic sense as this can have a permanent impact on your appearance
  • Reviews and recommendations from previous patients

Who is a good candidate for a hair transplant?

While you take utmost care to find the best surgeon, it is also important to understand that not every person can be a good candidate for hair transplant. However much you want to get the hair transplant done for getting a permanent solution to your hair loss problem, you may not be a good candidate for the same. So, who gets to decide whether or not you are?

Your surgeon does. And that is another reason, you must find a good surgeon. Someone who will truthfully tell you whether or not you should go ahead for the procedure. And in case you are wondering, who is the ideal choice for getting great hair transplant results, the simple answer is everyone who satisfies the primary two criterion

  • They have good hair growth on some part of the scalp or other body part that can be used for transplanting
  • The targeted recipient area should have a capability to grow hair once it is transplanted

There may be multiple reasons which can lead to permanent hair loss, and before recommending a transplant, your doctor may ask you to go for some blood tests. This helps to ensure that there is no health problem that may prevent your hair regrowth after the procedure. This also helps to filter out the potential candidates for a transplant.

What happens during a hair transplant?

Once you have selected a surgeon and he or she has ascertained that you are a good candidate to get a hair transplant done, comes the actual process of the surgery. A single sitting of a transplant procedure may last anywhere between 4 to 8 hours and thus you must select a surgeon, who is ready to commit that kind of time to you.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor will clean your scalp and apply local anaesthesia to the part of your scalp from where the hair will be extracted. The hair follicles can be extracted by two methods – either by removing a strip of skin and tissues with the hair follicles and then cutting it into sections that are transplanted or by extracting the units one by one and transplanting.

Whichever method is chosen will determine the time taken and the recovery period. Also, since the follicles tend to get wasted if too much time away from the scalp, the process requires the involvement of other technicians and staff apart from the doctor. 

Once, this process is completed, the doctor will define the after-care routine for you. It is very important to note that the hair transplant results will take anywhere between 3 to 6 months to be visible once the surgical procedure is completed.

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