Hair Transplant in India

Having a hair transplant is one of the crucial decisions which require a lot of research and good consultation. As hair restoration surgery is a cosmetic procedure and do not fall under the insurance plans, thus hair transplant surgery cost becomes a serious concern. However, the price usually depends on the technique involved and the pattern of hair loss.

Moreover, the cost of hair transplant varies across the different geographic regions and there are many factors which determine the total cost of hair transplant surgery.

While researching about the hair transplant cost and knowing whether the surgery fits within your budget, it is important to view the treatment as an investment which can boost your appearance as well as confidence.

Determining the Cost

During the consultation, the surgeon will get to know more about the aesthetic goals and understand the patient concerns and their objectives which allow us to provide an estimate of the overall cost. Hair transplant surgery varies from one patient to other and so is the cost which also differs for each individual. The individuals who are considering hair transplant surgery as the process to restore the hair, there are various factors which can affect your hair transplant cost:

Hair Restoration Technique

The important factor affecting the cost of a hair transplant is directly proportional to the technique the patient chooses. The cost also depends upon the overall package that ensures you get the maximum comfort throughout the surgical procedure.

Total Number of Grafts Required

It is the crucial element which determines the cost of hair transplant surgery. The number of grafts which a patient requires to acquire their goals decides the total cost of surgery. For example: An individual who requires 3000 grafts have to pay less than the other who requires 4000 grafts.

Hair restoration surgery which requires a large number of grafts implant usually takes much time than those surgeries which require less amount of graft. Thus, more resources are needed for larger surgery that will directly affect the overall price.

Cost per Graft

The total cost of hair restoration surgery is calculated on the basis of cost per graft. A graft is a cluster of hair follicle which is known as follicular unit. FUE technique involves extracting the follicular units from the scalp and implanting on the bald area. However, the technique requires much time to extract the grafts.

Surgeon’s Expertise

Getting best hair transplant with minimal scars and good results depends on the skills of the surgeon. The successful outcome of the hair transplant can be achieved getting it done by a highly experienced and skilled surgeon.

Also, the cost depends on the team of medical staff and technicians involved. Make sure to choose a good hair transplantation clinic and qualified surgeon for the surgical procedure.

Pre and Post Operative Care

The visible scar you will experience is determined by the technique which is used to extract the follicles and the body’s ability to heal. If all the things are taken care of, the chances of scaring becomes minimal.

Why Choose ALCS?

Hair transplant is a skill that helps to get the desired look by restoring the hair. Its success usually depends on the skill and expertise of the surgeon. Getting the hair transplant in India at the reputed ALCS ensures that you are in safe hands and the cost also comes within your budget.

India is known as one of the best country for hair transplant. If you’re looking for a place is Jaipur, ALCS is the clinic where you can get best hair transplant in India. Dr. Sunil Arora, a renowned surgeon with a total experience of 16 years has a good sense of aesthetics and surgical expertise with many years of proficiency in hair restoration surgery.

You can find a comfortable environment, skilled surgeon and staff, affordable prices all at one place ALCS. The team of professionals at ALCS has a good sense of aesthetics and surgical expertise with many years of proficiency in hair restoration surgery.

Dr. Sunil Arora and team will offer the proper consultation and guide you about the various factors that can give the great results. They follow a personalized approach that caters to the different needs of the individual patient.

ALCS is one the well-reputed hair transplantation clinic that provides the quality services which will help you get your lost hair back boosting your confidence. Get the natural-looking long-lasting results with the permanent solution of Hair transplant.

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