Hair transplant Cost in India – Affordable Hair Transplant at ALCS

In India, nearly 1.8 million people are suffering from Hair Loss.  The ratio of the hair transplant surgeons in India to patients is 1:2000.

In recent years, hair transplant has become a popular and widely opted treatment for those facing hair loss problems. Moreover, hair transplant cost in India is relatively very reasonable than the other countries 

Losing 200-300 strands of hair per day can lead to bald patches and can happen over the course of time. However, with advancement in technology there is a surgical procedure that can help overcome the hair loss. Stop worrying and understand that hair fall is a curable and reversible process. 

Hair transplant in India has lured attention of not only those who have hair fall issue but also for them who want to alter their hairlines to get an attractive look. The question here comes that are cheap hair transplant really safe and successful?

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and then implanted into the bald area of the recipient. It can be used to restore eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, and pubic hair and to fill in scars caused by accidents.

Many people who want to get an affordable hair transplant in India done at a cost travel to different countries. The rising cost has compelled patients to look for treatment abroad however in India the surgery is accessible at significantly affordable rates as compared to the western countries. The reason people prefer hair transplant surgery in India is the economical cost, highly experienced surgeon and finest clinic facilities which have high success rates.

Estimated hair transplant cost in India  

The common way to calculate the affordable hair transplant cost in India is by per graft basis that lies between Rs.25-45 ($0.35-0.64) which is comparatively less than other western countries.

The basic cost of cheap hair transplant starts at 25,000 ($362.40) for 1000 hair grafts.

The charges of consultation vary from clinics to clinics and ranges from INR 500 ($7.25) to INR 1500 ($22.75)

Hair Transplant cost in India will lie in the range of 25,000 -1, 00,000 rupees ($362.40- 1449.60) excluding GST, medications and postoperative care. The pricing range differs for every different technique involved in hair transplant which involves FUT, FUE, DHI and Robotics hair transplant.

 What are the factors that affect the cost of hair transplant in India and other country?  

Cost of hair transplant in India depends on several factors:

  1. Range of Baldness: Hair transplant cost in India depends on baldness level. To check out the best treatment for your hair loss, you need to understand the progression. If you are on level 1 or 2, baldness can be treated by medicines and non surgical treatments. However, if you’re on level 3 – level 7 then you require hair transplant.
  2. Number of sitting: The number of sittings/sessions required for grafts also affects the cost of hair transplant.
  3. Donor Area Quality: Taking the graft is easier from the hair filled scalp. Sometimes due to less donor hair the doctor might have to take grafts from the beard or body which increases the cost per graft.
  4. Number of grafts: The cost varies with number of the hair follicles or grafts which need to be transplanted on the bald area. 
  5. FUE or FUT procedure:  The cost of each technique is different and you need to pay as per the choice of your procedure.
  6. Experience of the surgeon: A well experienced surgeon charge a higher consultation fees. However, make sure to research about the surgeon and the treatment carefully.
  7. Clinic/hospital’s facilities: A well established hospitals charge more fees as compared to other small hospitals or clinics. 
  8. Location: The location of the clinic also plays an important role while determining the cost. Some areas with high cost of living the surgery costs may be greater.
  9. Competition: The cost of hair transplant is also affected by competition. The places with relatively few hair transplant surgeons can be more expensive than the others. 
  10. Advanced equipment and technique: The treatment offered with the advance equipment and technique has a direct impact on prices.

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